Living A Serene Life IS Possible

The “Living A Serene Life” program is a three part training enhanced coaching series that integrates three of our powerful Life Origami strategies. It includes the Life Navigation Wheel, Life Compass and Transformation Blueprint over the course of a three (3) month personalized journey to Fully Inhabit Your Life.

What follows is a comprehensive disclosure of our intentions creating the Living A Serene Life (training enhanced coaching) program and what you can expect.

Sailing the seas of life, we all end up dealing with unexpected weather, major storms and changing life conditions

I can’t change the direction of the wind. I can adjust my sails and steer toward my destination.

Become The Helmsman of Your Life

As the Helmsman of our lives it is our responsibility to prevent our ship from going astray during the storms of life and stay on course. To do that, we have to be at the helm with our hands firmly on our Life Navigation Wheel while keeping a keen eye on our Life Compass.

At Life Origami, we believe our destiny is in our hands. Our lifelong voyage is one of discovery. Our purpose is to make the most of life’s opportunities and to find a way through monsoons of uncertainty, doubt and fear. 

The Transformation Blueprint

The Transformation Blueprint is a methodology you can learn and use to design a tangible path forward so you can fully inhabit your life. Your clarity will empower you to make the adjustments you need to make in order to experience the serenity that is your birthright.

You are going to look at the process of how to create movement in your life and what it will take to get unstuck. You will learn the process of resolving the inner conflicts that drain your energy, cause anxiety and fatigue. 

  • Learn How to Use The Four Quadrants Of Movement To Fully Inhabit Your Life. 
  • Experience a Newfound Sense of Freedom, Clarity and Certainty.

You will jump over the wall that is in your way, because you can see your dream on the other side. The tools you will learn will be your Springboard so you can leap over those barriers, allowing you to move into Living a Serene Life. 

The reason we don’t experience movement and change is due to a lack of clarity. Getting clear is always the answer to every puzzle in life. We know there is something more out there than what we are currently experiencing. If we could just get some clarity, we could relieve the heaviness and inner tension.

You will have the mindset, tools and skills to be able to use the transformation blueprint for the rest of your life. Imagine being able to create lasting, permanent change and walk the talk, living your dream. 

Now is the time to step out of the status quo, and step into exploring the fullness that is you.

Your first experience will be exploring your Life Navigation Wheel. 

How the Life Navigation Wheel was Discovered

The Life Navigation Wheel is a hybrid, guided self-assessment and Training Enhanced Coaching program. It blends the best of self-paced training/learning, personal exercises and our unique 2-on-1 coaching to help you answer four key questions:

  1. What are my current opportunities for growth and how can I make my life more meaningful and significant?
  2. What can I do to ensure I feel a sense of securityand well-being?
  3. How do I gain a sense of controlover my life and achievemy dreams and goals?
  4. How do I best learnand what is the most effective way to changethe quality of my life experience?

We discovered the Life Navigation Wheel while exploring our own Life Origami journey. Like you, our journey began as we sought answers to a few important questions

  • Why do we do and believe the things we do? 
  • What is it that seems to unconsciously push us into situations and experiences that sometimes work and at other times turn into a complete disaster? 
  • If we are the captains of our own ship, then how do we end up feeling like we are lost on the sea of life?
  • What is the best way to deal with the storms and brutal weather of life?

These are the same questions the human race has been seeking answers for since we became self aware. They are important and at Life Origami we know that the answers lie within you, not with some other guru. 

We believe your life is your greatest teacher and you can learn to tap into this unique treasure trove of wisdom, knowledge and intelligence. 

One of the most persistent behaviours we have noticed in the hundreds of people we have coached is the intrinsic urgency we all feel — which is to bend, fold and shape life to our will, whims and wishes

The Life Navigation Wheel Assessment

Life is always changing and moving. Despite our best efforts, we can end up experiencing disharmony, tension and stress. The Life Navigation Wheel helps our clients create and maintain a sense of inner harmony. It strengthens their ability to deal with the lumps and bumps of life.

To stay on course we must learn to develop our weaknesses into strengths. If not, we end up overcompensating for our weaknesses and nothing changes. Or, we get caught in the trap of placing to much emphasis on the things we like. We trick ourselves into chasing what is easiest. Then, we end up majoring in the minors, which impedes growth and progress. 

It is not wrong that you desire more work/life balance — balance is not the issue. Regaining your equilibrium and getting back on course dealing with rapid change is what you need. 

The challenge with chasing life/work balance is it is based on a false assumption — that life is static. That’s not true. Life is not static, it is evolving, changing and flowing all the time. Consider this, we work hard and when complete, feel relieved to have it behind us. The next morning we wake up to new challenges and issues to deal with, again (sigh). We may not like it but this is actually “the way things are” — everything is in a constant state of flow and change. 

What’s the answer? We need to be able to bounce back. The goal is to regain your equilibrium by changing your mindset and skills. There is a treasure trove of undeveloped strengths within you. They are awaiting your attention, energy and focus. 

Our goal is to ensure our clients are well-rounded and have a broad spectrum of skills and mindsets available to change their life. When this happens, you see the world and yourself through new eyes. A new sense of confidence, congruence and clarity unfolds. 

If not, we get trapped on the treadmill of chasing symptoms. When instead, what we need is to focus on resolving the underlying real world issues

When there are gaps in our equilibrium, that we aren’t aware of, life is difficult and we don’t understand why. We can experience tunnel vision and end up chasing the wrong goals. These goals may seem legitimate but here is the uncomfortable truth: Despite our best efforts – achieving these goals still end up leaving us feeling empty and unsatisfied. Why? The reason is that they do not meet our deepest needs, wishes and desires. They do not help us navigate towards the meaningful life we all wish to experience.

Another thing to consider is that often we are blind to see the opportunities and options available to us. Our choices seem obscure and then we end up chasing the wrong things at the wrong time, for the wrong reasons. What happens is, we have now lost our focus and we have little energy to see the other options available. Isn’t it any wonder we aren’t making headway? 

So by maximizing our skills and improving our mindset, it opens us up to a greater capacity to make better decisions and we can adapt easier to changing circumstances. 

Unmask Your Hidden Strengths

How The Life Navigation Wheel Works

You will complete a self-assessment. Then we will review your self assessment to identify hidden opportunities for growth and provide a report on what areas have the potential to be developed further. This is then followed up with a series of two-on-one coaching sessions; we will support you to uncover obscure ineffective patterns of behavior. 

Then we will explore the patterns and behaviors that lock you in a cycle of tension and confusion. These underlying traits are a clue that there are stories that have become false beliefs. We probe to unmask the origin of those stories (false beliefs) and how they affect your mindset about what is or isn’t possible for you. 

When these hidden obstacles are revealed, you will experience an “Ah Hah” moment where a sudden insight produces clarity and you become awakened to new possibilities. 

It is in that moment of insight, where transformation occurs. You release the old patterns and simultaneously embrace change and healing. Then we will collaborate with you to create new learning opportunities to speed your transition from the ineffective habitual practices into confident and congruent actions. 

What You Can Expect To Experience

The key purpose of the Life Navigation Wheel is to facilitate personal insights. It is a tool to help you take the role of “observer” — like the director of a movie — observing the actors roles on stage. Like the director in a movie or stage play, the Life Navigation Wheel self assessment will reveal your shortcomings and areas for improvement. You will be able to see which area(s) of your Life Navigation Wheel have been impairing your growth and development. Then you can steer your attention and energy onto the areas that will make the greatest difference.

As the observer, you will be able to examine the full context of your self-assessment, free from the judgments and projections. This is very important because as you begin to learn how to look at yourself from the observer point-of-view (POV) you will gently address your truth and give yourself acceptance. This is a powerful POV because the observer’s role is to note “how things are” without the need to indulge in shame or blame. 

The observer holds an objective POV and the intention to show love for yourself and give ourself the safe-space to embrace accepting where you are at in that moment. So there is no ulterior agenda to degrade or sabotage your soft-heart.

You’ll be able to see where you may be investing negative energy into, activities that are incongruent with who you are and what you want in life. Knowing where to invest energy keeps you focused and preserves your energy, which has been wasted chasing symptoms. Your attention and energy will then be diverted towards the things that will create movement in your life. 

As you begin to place your attention and energy onto the areas that need improvement, it will keep you focused. Instead of doing the wrong thing, at the wrong time for the wrong reasons — you will be able to adjust your actions to ensure that you are doing the right things, for the right reasons at the right time.

You will feel encouraged to know that you have the potential to experience something more and that you have the clarity to make it happen. Gone are the days when you felt there was some unknown force keeping you from getting what you want. 

It’s empowering to know you are not lost but actually have clarity and a plan that’s doable. 

You will then naturally release the false beliefs, lies and ineffective patterns you have been indulging in. You then can abandon those irrelevant stories because you have a much better understanding of yourself, how it all happened and what you need to do. You will now know the situation better and yourself better. 

You will now know what you need to do to move forward, rather than being repressed by old habits that kept you from the life you deserve. You will finally have your own back and can trust yourself because of your own self-efficacy. You will be making decisions with confidence, acceptance, and pride. This new connection with yourself is something you can depend on and you can take that to the bank. The Life Navigation Wheel is one of the many tools we have to assist high growth Individuals like yourself to embark on the journey of unfolding “the magnificence that is you” and fully inhabiting your life.

Your Life Compass: Stay On Course Throughout 2019 

The Life Compass is a dynamic Q&A interview process that results in a mind map and a visual compass for your smartphone. Your compass will reflect your highest values, beliefs, morals, ethics and principles for your life. It will help you to stay on course when life interrupts or speed bumps arrive. 

  • Together We Will Identify Your Four (4) Life Directions. 
  • Create A Custom Life Compass For Your Smartphone. 

No More Spinning and Lingeringbecause with the Life Compass you can move beyond simple motivation and discipline to focusing on creating forward movement, get into action. 

Once you know what you want then you can start to build it. Having the visual life compass leading you to your True North, you are able to create movement. Right away you will receive numerous benefits, once knowing where to direct your attention (arrow). Knowing yourself helps you envision the results that you want. And from there You can create a congruent daily life with your attention on your intentions. 

Here’s the benefits that can happen right away! 

  • You can start living the way you want, enjoying a life of passion and integrity.
  • Then you will experience what matters to you and disregard that which hinders you. You will follow what is to your higher good rather than what doesn’t serve your happiness factor. 
  • You will experience meaning in your life which naturally is followed by the happiness factor.
  • There is no more spinning in circles because you will know your direction and goals and you can make better use of your time. 
  • There is no more wasteful lingering in the tyranny of the incringements that were holding you back (those roadblocks of self doubt and non-acceptance that consumed your energy) and kept you back from giving yourself permission to not only dream, but go out and live the dream. So indulging in wasted space in your head is not for you. Shrinking does not become you.
  • With a whole new perspective and purpose, living in the present influences your day-to-day beliefs, values, morals, principles, ethics, attitude, decisions and behaviours in a positive way.
  • You can then give yourself permission to leave dysfunctional relationships that hurt you and hold you back from trying to be happy, based on what you feel that means for you.
  • You can be more engaged in the present and engage less time in damaging self dialogue pertaining to past hurts, feelings and memories. Even your physical health is better because of a healthier mindset. The brain is capable of changing connections and pathways to support a healthier disposition and create sustainable change.
  • Your life will feels more purposeful with more meaning, rather than boomeranging here and there in confusion and unable to make choices.
  • You will move beyond fear of failure, catastrophizing and reliving trauma and pain. 
  • Chaos and anxiety will dissipate as the tension in your life evaporates. Then you are free to inhabit a serene life.

To Create Movement You Must Learn To Move From Confusion & Uncertainty To Clarity

There are seven, fear based factors that have become universal attitudes, beliefs and perceptions that we as a society have absorbed and accepted. They have become so mainstream that we don’t even notice the hypocrisy, lack of congruency. We know that something just doesn’t feel right but we struggle to identify what is going on for us. 

Often they can become significant roadblocks especially when we aren’t aware of the fact that we have these beliefs silently influencing our lives. 

In our experience, when this awareness arrives it always makes us very uncomfortable. Now we know what is most important we do everything possible to get clarity around this new awareness. Until we get clarity, we will struggle to create change. 

The key is to keep consciously working until we get the lesson, the lesson itself is clarity. That’s the wonderful thing and the difficult thing about living a conscious life – we get learning opportunities every single day. 

The seven questions you need to ask yourself are: 

  1. What will it take to create movement?
  2. What do you want? You can get anything you want, first you have to know what you want.
  3. Do you have attitudes, beliefs and opinions that are obstructing your progress?
  4. What are you prepared to risk to get what you want? Hint: It’s not “anything or everything”.
  5. Is this consistent with your values, beliefs, morals and ethics?
  6. What are your reasons for pursuing this? Are you listening to your own voice or someone else’s?
  7. What is your vision? How do you see this unfolding?

What You Get When You Enrol In The Living Serene Program

What makes this program unique is the combination of self study education which allows you to watch and learn at a place and time that works for you. Plus we support you with the coaching to actually apply what you’ve learned. All of it tailored to your specific needs and situation including:

  • 9 on-demand video training sessions and self study worksheets, work at your own pace and time.
  • 9.5 hours of 2-on-1 coaching sessions (via video/phone)
  • Life Navigation Wheel report customized to your situation
  • A Life Compass for your smartphone and computer wallpaper

You Can Jump Start Your Life & Make A Fresh Start in 2019, Enrol Today

Call Greg or Amee at 1-403-307-8281 to take the first step on your fresh start journey, no obligation, no pressure — just a heartfelt conversation between friends.