Are you ready to give yourself the gift of taking a deeper look into your life, and explore a more connected journey with yourself?  

If so, we want you to know that it’s never too late to live your dream or step into your second act.

We also want you to know “You are not broken, you do not need to be fixed.” It’s not you that needs to change, its your circumstance that needs to be altered.  Your your past does not define you, rather, it’s how you choose to respond to what has happened to you that makes the difference.

You are not the broken remnant pieces of any defining moment or challenge.  

Yet, we still do have to deal with these feelings of being broken and may even obsess about them. The experience of worry and anxiety is a physiological response. Amee likes to say that “Worry doesn’t have any magic” and it does not solve the problem.  

Regardless of the anxiety, worries and realities you might be facing, it is just a matter of learning how to cope and deal with change.  This is a key distinction, because when you can cope there is a new sense of strength and belief in your own self effectiveness.  We are here to tell you that it is possible to experience a renewed sense of calmness and to quiet your mind. 

We developed this program for people like you who want something more than what you have been experiencing to date.   

We find our clients are people who know they have been living below their potential, and have decided it’s time for a change. They have resolved that now is the time to move beyond perceived limitations.

We believe you are a growth oriented individual, who is ready to invest in yourself, to finally breakthrough barriers and explore new opportunities. 

If you are one of these resilient souls, we want you to know that anything is possible.  

It is just a matter of focusing your time, energy, effort and resources onto your undeveloped strengths and unexplored dreams.  When you choose to do that, those roadblocks are converted into new capabilities, skills and opportunities.

If this sounds like you, then our book and programs could be the beginning of significant growth and personal transformation.

You Know You Have A Dream

You are no longer willing to stay stuck in a loop and go through each day accepting what life throws at you.  

Perhaps you have you found yourself contemplating and feeling like you lack direction, focus and perhaps a bit bored.  Maybe you expected more out of life at this point.  

You are are at a point where you are ready to go after what you want, and perhaps:

  • You are curious what it would be like to be able to say “I am feeling comfortable in my own skin.”
  • You know there is something more than what you are currently experiencing.
  • You are wondering, “What’s next” in this chapter of your life?
  • You wonder if it is it too late for you?

It’s Never Too Late To Live Your Dream

It doesn’t matter how old you are or what has happened to you in your past.

Your potential in life has no limits. All you need is a sense of clarity and the time and resources to pursue it.  

You are never too old to learn, grow and change if:

  • You are open to new experiences.
  • You are willing to explore how to make the most of every minute of your life.  
  • You realize that each moment holds the potential for learning, growth and transformation.  
  • When you know that there is more for you than what you have been experiencing, survival is no longer good enough.

Your Brain Is The Problem And The Opportunity

You brain can betray you. This is because of the habits and patterns that have become deeply entrenched within the neural pathways and connections of your brain.  

Memories deep within the connections of your brain have a way of surfacing when you least expect them too.  This can create roadblocks to getting what you want out of life.  This is because just when you think you have all your ducks in a row, some random memory or traumatic experience surfaces and takes you out of the game.  

You have the ability to reshape and train your brain and how you think.  

This can help decrease and eliminate negative habits and thinking patterns that inhibit your progress.  This is  because your brain has a powerful capability to create new associations,  pathways and connections.

Your brain is remarkably adaptable.  

You can learn how to train your brain and establish beneficial, new habits and patterns.  

When you learn how to master and train your brain, you will be able to create mindsets at will.  These will actually assist you to fully inhabit your life.

Your Mindset Matters

Do you sometimes wonder, “Why do I do what I do, when I don’t want to do it?”

This is the question asked through the ages.

The truth is life can be challenging.  Our ego, thoughts and beliefs can get in the way.   Automatic thoughts and reactions rule us much more than we realize. They often blow our circumstances out of proportion. You have to learn to free yourself from the temptation to overthink things.

You must learn how to escape the treadmill of anxiety, panic, fear and skepticism.  Unless you extract yourself from these net negative habits and thinking, you will struggle. Your mindset really does matter.  

It is time to switch the track that your “thought trains” are on.  It is time to create a compelling vision of your life.

You Can Experience A Greater Sense of Flow and Connection 

When you really get to know yourself, you experience a sense of clarity and confidence.  With confidence you are no longer second guessing yourself or afraid of missing out on opportunities. Therefore, making rash decisions and flying by the seat of your pants has no more power over you.  

When you know what you want, you will begin to experience more meaning and significance in your life.  Then you will begin to feel like you are starting to fully inhabit your life, because you are clear about what’s most important to you.  

When you know your beliefs and values, it empowers you to effortlessly live a life congruent focused on what brings you joy.  

When you learn how to shape your “frame of reference” (values, beliefs etc.) it will change your life. It is a powerful tool you can use the rest of your life. You will be able to use it to get yourself back on track, no matter life’s challenges and opportunities.  This can be invaluable because with a conscious frame of reference, you can experience a greater sense of flow and connection with yourself.

When you consciously choose your values and beliefs, you create a new frame of reference. This shift in mindset will change the way you see yourself and others in the world.  

You will have a fresh perspective on the context of your Second Act and what it will take to make that happen.  

You will have a powerful connection and understand what drives you.  

Never again will you need to feel vulnerable or manipulated by others will, whims and wishes.

Learn How To Tap Into Your Drive

Do you sometimes find yourself feeling like your energy is low and it is inhibiting your ability to get things done?  

Your drive is fuel to your passions and it creates a compelling, exuberant life.  

In order to fuel your drive, you need creative energy.  When your energy is low, there is something draining you.  

Another cup of coffee or sugar doesn’t fix the underlying root problem, which is zapping your energy.  That problem is a combination of what you are thinking and your opinions.  

Sometimes your memories, habits, beliefs and insecurities get in the way of living your dreams.  

When that happens we need to change our point-of-view in order to shift our perspective in order to feel invigorated.  After all, your dreams deserve 100% of your attention, energy and dedication.  

When you understand how your drive works, you can use it to help you get to where you want to go.  It will create forward movement in your life. First, you will need to be willing to change, learn and grow.

Willingness To Learn, The Willingness To Change, The Key To Moving Forward

Your ability to learn and change directly affects the quality of your life. 

Information is not power, curiosity is power.  

Curiosity is a mindset which enables you to observe and then choose how to respond, instead of blindly reacting.  When you can be the observer in your life, it is like taking a helicopter ride to view your circumstances from a higher vantage point.  You suddenly have the ability to see the full context and scope of your life.  

Curiosity is what will keep you engaged as a student on the path to self mastery.  

When you are engaged you will be able to place your attention upon your intentions.  Then you will not be wasting your time, effort and energy. You will instead embrace the elegant simplicity of being a curious student of life with ease.

You CAN Begin To Live With Ease

In the Life Origami programs, we will show you have to explore the power of the Emotional First Aid method, for creating a sense of calm and inner quiet.  In addition, the Emotional Release Technique will provide you with the opportunity to release your old stories, negative patterns and emotional baggage.  

You will be able to walk away from these sessions with a set of proactive emotional management tools.

With these experiences, trainings and new skills you will be empowered you to step into your second act dream, begin to live with ease, experience greater meaning and significance. 

Claim Your Birthright And Actually Live Your Dream

  • When you look in the mirror and consider the hour-glass of your life, will you be able to say that you actually lived your dream?  
  • Are you living in congruence with your own dreams and wishes?  
  • Will you know that you lived according to the ideals that you hold dear?

Shakespeare said, “To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.”

What sort of meaning would you like to experience in your lifetime?  What would give you the ultimate satisfaction at the conclusion of your last thoughts?

Deciding what your dream will be, begins with actually living your passions with joy.  Clarity around how you will fully inhabit your life, can help you now and set you up to stop being just a dream-voyeur.  Once you have the clarity and know what dream you want to pursue, you can start building it!

You can start living the way you want to and enjoy a life of meaning and integrity now.  

You can begin to do what matters to you and disregard what hinders you.  

There will be no more spinning in circles.  When you commit to a dream, your direction and goals become crystal clear.  You will be able to make better use of your time.  There will be no more wasteful lingering in the tyranny of infringements that were holding you back.

  • You will have a whole new perspective and purpose.  
  • Your mindset will be permanently altered and it will influence your day-to-day experiences.  
  • Your decision-making will be simplified.

This is because you invested the time to examine your life, how you think and got clear about what you want.  Your life will feel more purposeful and more meaningful, rather than feeling confused or stuck.

Being able to live in the present, will enable you to show up and build your dream, one precious moment at a time.  

You will live your life knowing that you really do matter.  You will live knowing “You Are Enough and More”!

You can live tall, like an ancient tree, branches reaching high into the sky, with deep roots grounded in reality.  

You deserve to live a life full of self expression.  Be it work, play, travel or a business — you get to fill in the blanks and fully inhabit your life.

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