Our Journey & Coming Together to Create The Life Origami Experience

Life Origami is a co-creation of Amee and Greg Dickson. I (Amee) was a former coaching client of Gregs in 2006/07. In the years hence, life happened and we both got divorced. We closed our businesses and faced a number of lumps and bumps along life’s road. In 2017, we reunited, quickly fell in love and got married. As Greg and I look back we found that if it wasn’t for our journeys, we wouldn’t be here today together. We wouldn’t be in such unity, harmony and experiencing the greatest love of our lives. We lived different lives. We each had to learn to overcome adversities. We each made a conscious choice to extract the lessons from our life experiences. This now allows us to create a compelling life together. As a result, this provides a foundation to build upon and create a business too.

We began collaborating as equals, sharing our journey and the lessons we extracted from the experiences over the decade we were apart. We each discovered that we had developed skills and tools that we used to overcome roadblocks and challenges, and create forward movement towards compelling lives. 

Greg had actually taught me a few of these principles and a way to navigate through any circumstance or challenge in life or business. But over the 10 years that we lived separate lives, I discovered that these same principles and techniques, to be conscious, could be used in my personal life too. And I tweaked them and I was able to accelerate through challenges and opportunities as they came along. I was able to navigate and make decisions that were to the benefit of my greater good.

And Greg did the same. He learned far more over the 10 years we were apart than what he had taught me. So when we came together again in a relationship, we exchanged what we learned on our journeys, and we could see vast similarities. We also saw the benefits from the differences in how we each went about consciously applying them to our life and business.  We quickly realized we were onto something significant. We realized that a new opportunity was unfolding. We embraced creating a complete experience to share with others. 

So last year we realized that our life and businesses could not thrive without achieving a complete inner equilibrium. Over the years we learned that a business cannot be a separate entity from what is going on in ones life. And so it became the perfect opportunity to create a method that is more than just principles and goals. We found the missing thumb drive to fill the gaps in learning how to understand ourselves and all those dynamics. 

Understanding and using these methodologies in the past made it possible for us to create an unbound life, because of an unshakeable inner presence. With an unshakeable mindset, we were both able to bridge our self-awareness into meaningful congruent action, which created congruent forward movement. As a result, we were able to coach ourselves through life utilizing the principles of what we now call Life Origami.

Unknowingly, we both had enrolled into a method that uncovered our “YOU-How”. We tapped into our inner guru, aware that we only needed our own inner wisdom to create the life we considered to be satisfying and fulfilling. And that was the key to cruising along our paths toward living our dreams individually and collectively.

So since coming together last year, we now realize that we have developed an actual tool and skill kit to toggle through life’s challenges with.  This skill and tool kit revealed itself to be so flexible, powerful and complete that we just had to bring it to life.

We are very in-tune with the fact that everybody has challenges and could really make good use of these inherent potentials that lie within every soul. That includes you! 

And so we decided we had to figure out a way to offer the tools we developed, to connect up with other human beings, regardless of their position in life or the challenges they face. If you have a wish to lead a happy and congruent life we want to meet you!  And so, we want to encourage you to consider enrolling. If there is anything we have said on this page that resonates with you — you owe it to yourself to explore how our program could assist you in navigating towards living life with your own compass permanently set to your very own True North.

Now just one short year later, after we reconnected in 2017 and married, we are collaborating as equals in the founding of the Life Origami Corporation. So here we are launching a new journey of Life Origami for others to embrace. Let the grande adventure begin!

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