Procrastination Is Not The Problem, It’s Resistance

The core of procrastination is fear. Procrastination isn’t the problem, it is a symptom of past judgements, blame, shame, fear and guilt. Fear feeds off doubt, uncertainty and past pain.

When we have clients who are procrastinating we dig to uncover the cause of the procrastination. This is how we approach teaching, training and coaching our clients. We dig to get to the cause. Chasing symptoms might help a coach or counsellor to stay on the “payroll gravy train” but it does little for you except, aggravate. You deserve to experience results.

Lets look at the causes of procrastination. We will look at two different types of clients. George is a programmer, an analytical. Peter is a salesman who considers himself able to get along with anyone, yet both suffer from a lack of confidence. Albeit for different reasons.

When faced with an important decision George digs for information in an attempt to “understand”. Peter on the other hand just wants to know what other people think before he makes a decision.

Both George and Peter are seeking certainty albeit from completely different angles. Yet there is a common thread, fear.

Peter fears that people won’t approve of his decision which is why he seeks to try to gain their approval first. George needs more data because he fears he “might be missing something”. In both cases they are giving away their power seeking external information to solve an internal conundrum. This rarely works and actually hurts both George and Peter. They both waste precious time and energy seeking external information and validation rather than face their internal conflict or fear.

Looking outside themselves for solutions to internal conflicts might feel good. In our experience, this feeling is short-lived because the cause for the procrastination has never been faced.

If you are experiencing a major procrastination crisis our advice is simple. Look inside and ask yourself “What do I fear?” Confrontation is the medicine we all avoid to our detriment. Until we face reality i.e. see the way things “are” — we will continue to resist reality and procrastinate. It has an insatiable appetite for fear, doubt and uncertainty.

You can take the first step toward certainty by confronting your resistance head on. It is the only permanent solution.

If you would like support confronting procrastination or have a big decision to make, feel free to reach out. We are always happy to meet new people. No pressure, just a real conversation is what we offer. There is no vortex, funnel or up sell — just a gentle, genuine and powerful conversation. Let’s just do it the old fashioned way, lets talk. Give us a call at 403-307-8281 to talk with Greg and Amee. We are here for you.