Silence is not Golden but responding versus reacting is

IBM says that as more parts of our lives become connected via the “Internet of connected devices” human knowledge will double every 12 hours.  If my mind and learning double in 12 hours doing research and writing on the internet and my devices, so with learning how to express my thoughts and problem solve and how to say it, it does me no good to have someone else stick up for us during challenging conversations.

Everytime we express ourselves whether it’s through art or conversations, we are using our unique ability to form thoughts to communicate and connect.  So it’s equally important not to let others speak for you when you have the potential to learn and grow beyond your comfort zone.  Movement only happens outside the comfort zone box and so we need to be courageous to fight for our right to speak and write, create things- and learn and grow.  If we spend time being passive aggressive because of fear or lack of confidence, then those things can only be rectified with experience and practice.  Just do it, say it- practice self integrity and your birthright to self love and awareness and expression.  Worrying holds no magic so step past fear and speak up for you.  You can’t pay your way through a learning curve nor can you ignore it if you want something more in life and want to explore your greater potential.  When learning how to master conversational leadership, we can have heartfelt conversations with anyone , any place and time, on any subject – with confidence, poise, and ease.  And this includes debates.  What’s your potential for growth and are you willing and ready to learn and grow and change?  Only you can determine it.

Silence is not golden but responding versus reacting is.  To avoid reacting, avoiding brain pathways that put you unconsciously into fight or flight mode, only serves to keep you in a hyper vigilant state of reacting.  Therefore you aren’t fully using your conscious cognitive thought processes to respond and reason before responding.  When you retrain your brain, you can train your brain to serve your higher good.