Poem by Greg – Sunshine in Life’s Shadows

Sunshine in Life’s Shadows…

Sunshine casting a bright hello. Where do I wish to go?
Here I sit, with my morning coffee. I wonder will my life simply be an apostrophe?

Why do I live constrained? And allow myself to be restrained.
I’m weary of playing the fool. Time to break the rules and jump into the pool.

I need to trust myself. Take myself off the shelf.
Instead of walking through life as if in a fog. I will not to sit around, like a bump on a log.

How do I want to live my life? One in turmoil or free of strife?
Embrace the truth, I get to choose. Will I become my own muse?

I think deserve to explore. To become much more.
I get to choose to rise or shrink. Not allow my dreams to become extinct.

If it is to be. Indeed it is up to me.
I now choose to embrace my dream. Never again to scream.

To stop letting others raise my hackles. I will remove the burdensome shackles.
Therefore I must explore. Open my own dream trapdoor.

Step beyond the fear of rejection. Live my life enjoying my own affection.
Move beyond self imposed limitations. Not judge myself by others expectations.

Then I won’t feel a false impression. Embrace a life of my own invention.
No longer others doormat. Living my own life, not that of a copycat.

©2019 Life Origami Corporation

Inspired by Richard Stewart.

Thank you Amethyst for always being an inspiration and bright light in my life.

To Paul O’Mahony who encouraged me to write my first poem 3 years ago by simply sharing his own exampleo of poetry and the spoken word.