I call bullshit to labels of illness at certain ages

I’ve read recently that with 40s we are assigned illnesses. I call bullshit!! Welcome to 50. An illnesss will be detached from you when you hit your prime. We learn there’s so much more to life once we learn what’s significant and meaningful. And we stop chasing other people’s rainbows. There’s something magical about numbers. When we hit milestones, we look back, and regret helps us get our act together just a little more. When I figured out who I wasn’t and dumped all the toxicity in my life, the cloud mysteriously went away. Mental illness was my style for 10 years and now I realize it didn’t have to be. But nobody can do it alone. They need help to get it started. If feeling depressed, find out why. In my case I jumped off my family tree and dumped dogma and now I say “Weeeee “ with glee!! And I stopped people pleasing. I realized I only had one life to live and it was mine, god damn it. So all the societal projections and judgments can piss off at 50++. We learn that 40 is a number and we can have mental illness in grade 4 like I did. It took me since 1973 to realize that I wasn’t sick. It was my world around me that had the mental illness. That’s a label if we are going to use one. But really all it means is we feel deeper and care deeper, even when we feel flat. I’d rather feel something deeplythan chase after other people convictions and feel dull and flat like them or because of them. I have my own morals and ethics and principles that I live by. What maybe ok for society, I feel is unethical or immoral for me. And I engage in the principle of the power to choose. I engage with the principles of integrity, self responsibility and accountability, respect for dignity, and self love. Now I’m just saying folks, you are not your symptoms. Stop calling yourself sick because you feel sad. It’s your situation you detest not your inner you. So tap into your inner wisdom at 40 or whenever. Why wait for the next decade to come around? Your only point of power is in the present. Be wickedly creative and dispel all the fog around you. Sharpen your viewpoints and try to avoid the old stinking thinking. Just be you, and the cloud will go away. I promise. You are not your symptoms.