The Real Pandemic Is Fear

Why The Plandemic Shockumentary, is Dangerous

There is no place in our world for bombastic shockumentaries designed to disrupt and disturb our society. How is it that we ended up being vulnerable to such obvious ploys to manipulate and shape our psyche?

The cynical amongst us might tout a decades long tradition of media manipulation and training at the hands of Hollywood directors and filmmakers. They would be right. We have spent years of our lives in front of the TV and forking over our hard earned dollars to sit in a dark room with strangers, eating over priced popcorn and sodas.

Slowly, subtly our minds have been hard wired for action, drama and outlandish yet not so subtle plots in the TV shows and movies we watch. We have replaced relaxing on the couch with a good book, for being entertained and stimulated by writers, directors and actors on TV and now via Netflix and the small screen.

Since 2007 I have owned a smart phone. I am more connected and familiar with global and current affairs than any period I can recall. However, I have had to learn how to be present, manage my emotions and my reactions to the drama that often unfolds on my small screen.

The problem with the movie Plandemic is that the producer has tapped into our primal fears. Much in the same way that politicians have become accustomed to twisting reality, this movie follows an anti-vaccine narrative to spark outrage in a public that is most vulnerable.

The way they twist the message is by mixing facts, anecdotal evidence, conspiracy theories and propaganda. This is a poor excuse of a documentary. It resembles more of a shockumentary or a mockumentary. It relies on the same tactics as dictators, criminals and unscrupulous politicians have done decades — smoke, mirrors and lies. All dressed up in a wolfs suit. It is fear based, primal brain triggering, psychological mind cannibalism.

The problem with this so-called film, is that it uses some fact based information that is verifiable, merges it with anecdotal observations, adds in a twist of personal projection which makes it unverifiable. This kind of consuming behaviour is actually harming your consciousness, it is feeding the fear cycle. In addition, you end up training your brain to live in fear which will only bring more fear, doubt and anxiety.

However, all that being said, my biggest question for those of you that have promoted this so-called documentary is:

“What specifically have you learned as a result of watching it? What about it is credible and how is what you have learned watching it going to make a positive difference in your life?“

I don’t think anybody can watch that movie and answer those questions honestly.

No question, it’s hard work to break these lifelong consumption habits and requires a constant vigil at the doorway of your mind. ˆMa here to reel you that the battle for your mind is worth the effort.

It will liberate you from the tyranny of fear-based media and a society fixated on the spectacular, bombastic and dogmatic half truths. I don’t know about you, I think we deserve better than this. And it’s up to us to create our own reality.

The most difficult work you’ll ever do in your life is to stand gaurd at the door of your mind and to consciously evaluate and process the information, opinions and so-called facts that the world dumps into your consciousness. It is each persons job to sort out which information is net-positive versus that which can only produce a net-negative return on your attention.

If you put in the effort to evaluate whether or not the information that is being shared or consumed is producing a net positive or a negative affect on your life — it’ll make a dramatic difference in the quality of your life. And this is the only way that I found to keep my hand on the rudder of my life when the storms of the world come to disrupt and dismantle it.

You either stand guard at the doorway of your mind and use your brain to separate fact from fiction or you will forever be on the treadmill of other people’s agendas, priorities and dogma.

Remember, dogma is not just the sole domain of religion. It is used by authority figures, the paranoid and those angry souls whose ego has been permanently scared by the trauma of dogma. Dogma is used by those in authority, those who have an agenda to disturb, disrupt or make money off of the fear they instill in our minds, only if we let them.

What we are witnessing is the unraveling of our anxious, traumatized and now paranoid citizens. The fact that this film has gone viral does not affirm its validity, it only confirms how far our societies ability to cope with rapid change has fallen.

We owe it to our children and grandchildren to be vigilant in our pursuit of facts, refute damaging fiction in the face of extreme adversity and change.

We have a choice to be either shaped by tragedy or defined by it. The difference is a matter of choice. Never forget, whatever you allow to enter your mind will shaped you, whether it defines you is your choice.

Your life is out there, go out and get it.