The Lost Guru Book

“…your book is helping me out better then any counsellor could … I didn’t realize I am allowing someone else’s beliefs and teachings to dictate how I live. How fear has paralyzed me from living the (life) I deserve to live…”

Reader feedback From “D.“

This is not just another self help book, this is a book that will start you on a path of self-awareness, insights and a fresh perspective on what has been holding you back from living the life you deserve. 

If you’re ready to confront and examine all of the family, religious, social and/or relationship drama, keep reading. You will discover the four key messages of this book. It will help expose how drama keeps you captivated in fear and living a life less than you deserve, and below your expectations.

Greg and Amethyst Dickson, Co-Authors

Have You Ever Felt Like There Has Got To Be More To Life Than What You Are Currently Experiencing?

What could possibly be holding you back from experiencing significance in your life?The reality is… we are all healing from the wound of feeling like we are “not enough”. When those feelings become engrained in you, they become subconscious patterns which prevent you from fully inhabiting your life. It is time to confront how these subconscious, negative mental habits are impacting the quality of your life.

The Lost Guru book is available on Kindle ($7.49 CAD)and Paperback ($24.95 CAD) on Amazon. It will be available soon in Books on Apple and Scribd.

You will begin to experience a sense of clarity, liberty and freedom, when you realize that there is a hidden treasure of wisdom you can tap into from your own life. You will realize that no other guru, teacher or guide is needed, because the full context of your life and its inherent wisdom has always been available to you. At any time you have the power of choice to access the insights of your inner being. You just need to be able to identify the mental habits which have been preventing you from accessing these insights. This is what you’ll experience as you read The Lost Guru™.

You will:

Learn how to tap into your inherent wisdom, the Active Witness™ to your life that has been your companion from day one.

Understand what prevents you from tapping into the wisdom of your life.

Understand how mental habits of anxiety, worry, and fear have taken you out of the game of life.

Unmask the greatest crime against yourself that holds you back from successfully being you.Learn about the drive to thrive.

Learn how physiologically, the brain changes in response to what you think and how, and that’s why you keep getting more of the same thing.

Learn how it is possible to intentionally re-pattern your mind, making positive shifts toward what serves your highest and best interests. You will stop being enslaved to subconscious habitual patterns.Learn how growing and learning together is our highest calling in relationships.

Learn how “seeking to understand and support one another” helps you stay connected and grow through the “lens” of your relationships.Learn how collaborating, sharing your journey and lessons from your life can help you overcome road blocks, challenges and begin to create forward movement towards a compelling life.

Learn how your personal awakening can begin through the simple act of reading and reflecting upon the distinctions in this book.Learn how there is a unique opportunity for you to step into the learning curve of your own life according to “Me-how, not others-how.”

The four core messages of this book are:

  1. The Guru you seek is already within you.
  2. You don’t know what you want, even though you think you do. You stop yourself because you feel you aren’t enough. You feel you aren’t worthy of more, so you don’t indulge or consider the possibilities. This is why you might feel like you don’t trust yourself with the dream in the first place. 
  3. We all commit the Ultimate Crime, we deny our weaknesses and our greatness. We do this because we are not confronting and examining the stories and drama that become roadblocks to our success.
  4. Growing and learning together is key to you unlocking your full potential. It is essential to navigating the path of communication and connection in your relationships and toward Fully Inhabiting Your Life™.Would You Like To Know More?Get the book now to begin your process of change and transformation. Then you will never again be wondering if there is more to life, because you will be living it. At last, you have arrived home. You will realize that you are not lost. You have a fountain of knowledge that you can tap into, to develop a fresh perspective and renewed sense of self-confidence.
Now available for purchase via ebook download or paperback on Amazon

The Lost Guru book is available on Kindle ($7.49 CAD)and Paperback ($24.95 CAD) on Amazon. It will be available soon in Books on Apple and Scribd.

The Lost Guru audiobook podcast recordings

The links below will take you to the introduction to the book and the authors, reading of Chapter 1. Each episode includes Amethyst and myself reading a section of the book, then having a conversation, making observations and  first impressions about the section of the book we are reading. 

Think of it this way, we share what we’ve learned as a result of writing this book and what comes to mind after we read the book.

  1. The Lost Guru audiobook, an introduction:
  2. 10 characteristics to fully inhabit your life:
  3. You have your own answers:
  4. Introducing “Your Active Witness“:–Your-Active-Witness-ea4a3i
  5. Finding The Lost Guru:
  6. Evaluate your thoughts:
  7. Wisdom of The Lost Guru:–wisdom-of-the-lost-guru-eaaerp
  8. You don’t know what you want:–you-dont-know-what-your-eab6mg
  9. The learning curve conundrum:–Chapter-1–The-Learning-Curve-conondrum-eab6tn
  10. Living as a perpetual student:–chapter-1–living-as-a-perpetual-student-eab738
  11. Letting go of our toxic fear stories:
  12. The Drive to Thrive:–The-Lost-Guru–the-drive-to-thrive-eah6v5
  13. Your second brain:–chapter-1–the-second-brain-eah746
  14. Your superpower, neural plasticity of the brain:–chapter-1–your-superpower–neural-plasticity-of-the-brain-eak8dq
  15. Bonus episode, is there such a thing as a person being broken?
  16. Bonus episode 2: waiting for happiness?
  17. Happiness and longevity, the end of chapter 1:–Chapter-1–Happiness-and-Longevity-ean050