The Lost Guru – Book

Have You Ever Felt Like There Has Got To Be More To Life Than What You Are Currently Experiencing?

The reality is… we are all healing from the wound of feeling like we are “not enough”.  When those feelings become engrained in you, they become subconscious patterns which prevent you from fully inhabiting your life. It is time to confront how these subconscious, negative mental habits are impacting the quality of your life.

Introduction: Who this book is for and what you can expect

You have worked hard all your life.  You have jumped through the hoops.  You have dedicated yourself to looking after your family and/or a business.  Despite all your hard work and good intentions, you still find yourself wondering what’s next for you.  Life’s responsibilities abound, there were and always will be changing economic conditions, societal pressures, duties, and practical realities you have to deal with.  That is just a fact of life.  It is these realities which have actually shaped you. They have brought you to this moment in time, reading this book. 

We believe you have decided that this is your time. This is an opportunity for you to invest some focused time, effort and energy on yourself. You are ready to take a deeper look at the life you have created and explore what might be possible. You are ready to begin exploring what types of changes you could make.  You know there are aspects of your life which must change.  We applaud you, this is a great place to be!  This represents an opportunity to give yourself a break and embrace what could become your second act.  To decide, “What’s it going to be” to take a closer look at  “who has been writing my life’s script, and how do I begin to change it?”

You realize in order to keep pace with a continuously changing and evolving world, you are going to have to change and evolve too.   

Despite your best efforts to serve others and “fit in”, you find yourself doubting your ability to step into the fullness of what you could become.  You feel an underlying tension to fill an unidentified gap and hole within.  You have done your best to do everything others said you “should do”.  You have bought and read the books, attended the webinars/seminars/workshops, and somehow, still feel there is something missing. You know there are areas of your life where you are not living up to your potential.  You feel like there is something more out there for you, but it seems vague and overwhelming.

On the other hand, maybe you are the person who just wants the data, the facts. You think that the source of your problems is not having the right information. After all, if you get the right information then you will be able to figure out what the logical next step should be.

Or you are simply the kind of person who just wants the results “damn it”. You think that your biggest problem is that you just need to just get into action. You want to to bypass all the emotional cruft, not waste time and get moving.

Perhaps you are the person who takes pride in being the most friendly, open person you know. You always show up for your friends and family. You tend to be obsessed with filling your calendar and keeping busy. You are so busy being a professional, a real friend and supporting your family, that you have little real time for yourself. Often you wonder, “Why can’t we all just get along?” Or you may think, “I’ll find time for myself next week.” Next week comes and goes, and you still struggle to put your needs first.

It’s possible, right now, that life is great and you feel like you are living the dream.  Yet, deep down there is a secret anxiety that you never let anybody see or talk about. You find it hard to rest and relax because you want to make the most of this part of your life.  You have more money and think you are more successful and have a better quality life than most of the people you know. Yet, you wonder, if, by your own standards, “will I ever truly arrive or be able to rest and relax?”

Whether you identify with one or all the above people’s perspectives, there are at least ten characteristics, common amongst people who are fully inhabiting their life. These include:

  1. Face The Truth about Change: They understand that without conscious awareness, focus and true intent to change there will be no difference.
  2. Self Knowledge IS the Beginning of Mastery: They make a decision to stop listening to others and begin to tap into their own self knowledge archive and exploring self-mastery.
  3. The Ability To See Things As They Are: The magic of living a fully inhabited life is the ability to see life, people and circumstances as they are. To see “things the way they actually are” i.e. reality. They don’t get all wrapped up in wishing things were different. 
  4. Develop A Conscious, Intentional Mindset: The one thing that affects everything else in their life, is their mindset, and if it is congruent with their values and beliefs. This is the definition of integrity. 
  5. Know The Difference Between Goals Versus Results: You can’t set a congruent goal if you do not know what you want and do not have a clear, compelling vision. They do not waste time chasing after vague ideas, without a specific, meaningful and defined result/outcome.
  6. Step Out of The Comfort Zone: For real change to occur, they know they must continually be learning and integrating those lessons. They understand this discipline, only occurs outside their comfort zone.
  7. Confront Their Resistance To Change: They are always willing to pay attention to their resistance and tension towards change. They are willing to embrace self accountability, responsibility and the opportunity to evolve.
  8. Constantly Acquiring & Developing New Skills: They are students of life. They have the ability to extract valuable lessons, insights and key distinctions from any experience, positive or negative.
  9. Practice, Practice, Practice: They know that there are times when nothing replaces practice and actively seek training opportunities to increase their self-awareness and competence.
  10. 10.Open and Ready To Grow: They are coachable and realize that there are times when they just need to “think out loud” with a trusted, experienced confidante. 

The question is, where do you now go to learn how to live these ten fundamentals?

What if there was a Guru who had a treasure trove of wisdom and insights customized for you? You would want to meet that Guru, right? 

The truth is that Guru, who has been storing up all those insights, distinctions and wisdom for you — is within you. 

That’s right, you are The Lost Guru™. 

If this is true then why have you not heard of this before? 

First, we have been conditioned to automatically trust people who seem to know what they are doing. We trust these people and have been taught to look up to them, follow and mimic them. Some other gurus even recommend that you model yourself after themselves. They suggest that choosing to model yourself after someone else will shorten your learning curve. In our experience, if anything, it tends to lengthen the learning curve.  If modelling doesn’t work, it actually wastes your time, effort, energy and resources – which could have been spent on something you do and know already.

In addition, you actually have heard of “The Lost Guru™”, you just know it by a number of different labels and descriptors.  Perhaps you have heard people talk about their intuition, that still small voice, little heart, sixth sense, gut feeling, clairvoyance, second sight and instinct. Whatever label you prefer matters not, it does not change the fact that it exists. 

The question and the challenge is, how do you access your lifetime of wisdom and insights?  The short answer is that you have to build a relationship with “The Lost Guru™” within.   

Take heart, from a Life Origami™ perspective every human was born with an “active witness™”, a fellow traveller. This active witness, The Lost Guru™, has seen everything you’ve ever done, heard every word you’ve ever spoken or has been spoken to you.  It also has observed everything that has happened to you, it never shuts off. It has the full context of your entire life experience. We have not been taught how to tap into the richness of our life experiences. In fact, we have forgotten that we were once living in harmony with our active witness. As we have matured we gradually learned to replace it with others knowledge and intelligence. All of this is the result of our tendency toward over-analyzing , over-thinking everything. 

In fact, you most likely edit and modify and limit your potential to tap into your greatness.  When you do this, you are denying your own capabilities, intelligence and experiences.  This is often the result of having too much respect for the fear, failure and success.  You can get so caught up trying to avoid failure, that you don’t allow yourself to explore your full capabilities. When this occurs you are not fully engaged and do not embrace your greatness.

The Lost Guru™, your “active witness” is like a documentary film crew that has been following you throughout your entire life. It has been recording everything from the moment you were born. You can learn to access the information, from The Lost Guru™ archives. You have to learn how to reconnect with your active witness.  As you do this, you will gain access to your lifetime of accumulated wisdom. 

As children and young adults, we gradually disconnect from the active witness, as we retreat into our thinking-ness. This thinking-ness has become second nature and has been reinforced throughout our lives.  It is the combination of parental, societal, educational and work place expectations.

We have a lifetime of experiences, thoughts, beliefs, morals, ethics and values, from others, that we have adopted and assimilated. Some of them serve us, and many of them inhibit our ability to live life on our own terms. We have to learn how to sort and sift through them all, in order to identify the ones which serve our highest good and which do not. Until we do that, we will struggle to tap into The Lost Guru™’s treasure of lifelong wisdom. 

The first step in finding The Lost Guru™ is to uncover the mental habits which are preventing you from being able to access the guru within. This is the beginning of uncovering the roadblocks, which are preventing you from tapping into the wisdom of your life.  That is what this book is about.

The truth is, if you truly want to experience a sense of clarity, liberty and freedom — now is the time to examine your mental habits. 

Until you get to know what you think and whether it is still relevant to your life today, you will be vulnerable to the worlds priorities and other peoples agendas.

Everybody we have worked with, including successful achievers – on some level they all struggled to cope with uncertainty. They grappled with a nagging feeling, that in someway, they are “not enough”.  

Why is this? We all fall under the umbrella of other peoples concepts, beliefs and values. These become seemingly invisible rules which operate in our subconscious minds, and influence how we think, act and make decisions.  This impacts what we believe is possible and how we feel about ourselves. 

You shouldn’t beat yourself up, you are part of the human race. We have never met anyone who didn’t wrestle with this “dirty little secret” thought virus, that they are “not enough”.

Its natural human behaviour to be influenced by others.  Everywhere we go in life, everything in the media and online tells us what to do, how to think, and attempt to get us to adopt what they think is ethical or moral. Some people may tell you what they think constitutes a successful life, according to their own will, whims and wishes. Yet, their version of what they say success looks like, may not be anything close to what you desire.

They project their opinions, beliefs, dogma and patterns onto you.  At first blush, these perspectives might seem reasonable, however, they may not be valid for you. You are an individual with unique life experiences. You have gone through many defining moments and they have made you who you are today.  Every single conversation you have ever had, accompanied by all the feelings and thoughts that are associated with them, accumulate to make you who you are.  So what someone else tells you to do or think, and how to do it, may not be relevant. It may not serve your higher good.  

What is important is that you stay curious enough to enter your learning curve, and discover who you are and how you learn.  

You do not need to run after any other guru’s opinions and understandings. It is after all, based on the context of their life, not yours.  What counts is what you think.  How you got to where you are today has to do with the way you think. The way you think is a result of the stories and patterns that have proven to be effective for you throughout your life.  

We all learn and grow through defining moments in life, and then graduate onto the next moment. The wisdom of your life is cumulative as you successfully move through it, examining the feedback from your actions and decisions, and learning from it.

If someone else tells you what to do, think or feel, and you don’t examine it – it probably isn’t going to help you in the long run.  Its could become a roadblock to fully getting to know yourself and honouring your journey.  You need to learn how you learn according to “You-How, not They-How”.

This inner wisdom is available for you to  tap into, and create movement in your life.  If this is so, why have you not been able to live fully and get the movement you need? Why does anxiety still plague you? 

What you need to learn is how to evaluate your thoughts and determine whether or not they are helping you move forward.  If not, you could end up taking yourself out of the game and not even realize it.  

You might think you know yourself, and are well on your way to get what you want.  Yet, you may still be experiencing anxiety, worry, grieving, negative self talk, story telling of past childhood woes.  This is a type of disguised, invisible fear that may actually be holding you captive and preventing you from getting what you want.  You may feel like you don’t know what you want. 

You deserve to live your life according to your own standards of what brings you joy, significance and meaning.

When you follow other gurus, many of them will attempt to teach you their philosophy of change.  Some people end up so steeped in the philosophers philosophies, that they cannot see why they aren’t getting what they want in life. They are caught running on the treadmill of trying to digest and assimilate these obscure philosophies.

These know-it-all Gurus, often don’t show you how to get in touch with the wisdom of your life experience. You may have all their worksheets, swipe files, templates, read their books, attended their events/workshops.  Yet, you still struggle to feel at peace, calm and relaxed.

We think you deserve something that is long lasting and sustainable; this can only come from having a relationship with your lost guru.  When you learn to tap into your inherent strengths, skills, wisdom and abilities of The Lost Guru™, this will set you up to take on any challenge in life.  

Reading this book is the beginning of helping yourself to become familiar with the active witness of your life (aka The Lost Guru™).

To do that you need to learn how to hear The Lost Guru’s voice. Which means you need to learn to distinguish between your voice and  the noise of the world and your own paranoid, anxious and fearful thought patterns. That is what this book is all about. 

Our goal is to help you understand how to navigate the ocean of your own thoughts, first. Otherwise your own voice and thoughts will drown out the still, subtle, gentle voice of The Lost Guru™.

If the ideas you have been reading resonate with you, you will enjoy the rest of the book and continue your journey of self-discovery. 

You can make progress by becoming aware of  what is working for you and what is not. You can figure out who you are and who you aren’t, what you want more of or less of. New skills and tools will be required to get you from where you are today, to where you deserve to be.

Your first step is to begin to explore the possibility that you have an inner, lost guru.  And of course, the only way to access the guru within, is to figure out the mental habits which have been preventing you from accessing the wisdom of your life. This is the beginning of your quest to meet The Lost Guru™. 

Read on because the answers you seek are within you and will be revealed as you reflect upon what you are reading.  You will slowly peel away the layers of other peoples agendas, beliefs and rules. You will, with each page, get to know what’s been holding you back from looking deeper within. 

Reading this book is your first step on your Guru path

You will observe four core messages woven throughout this book:

  1. The Guru you seek is already within you.
  2. You don’t know what you want, even though you think you do. This is because you haven’t spent the time to discover your deeper desires.  You stop yourself because on some level, in some areas of your life you feel you aren’t enough.  You feel you aren’t worthy of more, so you don’t indulge the idea.  You don’t trust yourself with the dream in the first place.  
  3. We all commit the Ultimate Crime, we deny our weaknesses and our greatness. We do this because we are not confronting and examining the roadblocks to our success.
  4. Growing and learning together is most important as you navigate the path of communication and connection in relationships on the road toward fully inhabiting your life.

One thing we know for sure. You do not have to live any longer with doubt, anxiety, confusion, frustration or self loathing. Your Lost Guru™ has been collecting your memories, experiences and life context keeping them safe for you. We are here to tell you that you can learn how to unlock your mind and your heart to access your greatness. This book will awaken you to the obstacles, habits and patterns which have kept The Lost Guru™ just out of your reach.

We are going to stop here and resist the urge to explain and summarize this entire book. The trick is to read it, contemplate it and see if there is a part of you that awakens while reading it. 

What You Will Experience Reading The Lost Guru

You will begin to experience a sense of clarity, liberty and freedom, when you realize that there is a hidden treasure of wisdom you can tap into from your own life. You will realize that no other guru, teacher or guide is needed, because the full context of your life and its inherent wisdom has always been available to you. At any time you have the power of choice to access the insights of your inner being.  You just need to be able to identify the mental habits which have been preventing you from accessing these insights. And that is what you’ll experience as you read The Lost Guru.

You will:

  • Learn how to tap into your inherent wisdom, the active witness to your life that has been your companion from day one.
  • Understand what prevents you from tapping into your Lost Guru.
  • Understand how mental habits of anxiety, worry, and fear have taken you out of the game.
  • Unmask the greatest crime against yourself that holds you back from successfully being you.
  • Learn about the drive to thrive.
  • Learn how physiologically, the brain changes in response to what we think and how, and that’s why you get more of what you’ve always got.
  • Learn how it is possible to automatically program or influence the subconscious mind, making positive shifts toward what serves your highest and best interests.  Instead, you will stop being enslaved to subconscious habitual patterns.
  • Learn how growing and learning together is our highest calling in relationships.
  • Learn how “seeking to understand and support” one another helps you stay connected and grow through the “lens” of your relationships.
  • Learn how collaborating, sharing your journey and lessons from your life can help you overcome road blocks, challenges and begin to create forward movement towards a compelling life.
  • Learn how your personal awakening can begin through the simple act of reading and reflecting upon the distinctions in this book.
  • Learn how there is a unique opportunity for you to step into the learning curve of your own life according to “Me how, not they how.”

The Lost Guru Quick Start $100 (CAD)

What You Get For When You Buy The Lost Guru  Quck Start Package

  1. The Lost Guru eBook: your choice of Kindle (Amazon), Books (Apple) or PDF format
  2. Audiobook (read by the authors), downloadable, universal mp3 format including chapter by chapter commentary by the authors. (think of it as an audio appendix)
  3. A one (1) Hour, 2-on-1 Coaching Session with Greg and Amethyst to support you on your journey to a new level of self awareness. You can ask us anything.


The Lost Guru – Table of Contents (TOC)

  1. You Can Tap Into The Inherent Wisdom of Your Lost Guru

  2. The Habits, Patterns & Obstacles Preventing You From Accessing Your Greatness

  3. Growing And Learning Together In Relationships – By Amee

  4. Seeking To Understand And How To Be Supportive – By Greg

  5. Our Observations About Loving Life & Learning Together

  6. About Amee Dickson

  7. About Greg Dickson

  8. It’s Not the Critic Who Counts

  9. How This Book Evolved

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