Greg’s Bio

Over the last 30 years I have worked with entrepreneurs from all walks of life. I’ve worked with people and 35 industries on three continents and I stopped counting the number of clients I served at 500. Why? Because the truth is, in this moment you’re the only person in my world. As he experienced coach I bring not only my background, skill sets and perspectives but I also bring to you my unwavering presence. 

Our goal is to create a safe environment where you can explore your deeper truths and play with ideas knowing you’ll be supported.

At the end of the day, doesn’t matter how much experience I have or what tricks I might have up my sleeve, tools and I could share… The only thing that matters is how my able to support you in the coaching session to help you get to where you want to go. That is part science and part art. 

We do much more than Coach. We train our clients using specific metaphors, models with our key objective to transfer skillsets and a fresh mindset.

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