Greg’s Core Beliefs


What are my end values? What is important? How do I want to be remembered?

What first comes to mind is self integrity, personal congruency. Because if I am not in alignment with myself I am lost in the abyss of people pleasing.

Safety, my personal safety and that of those I love is of prime importance. Without safety, nothing else really matters. Without safety I am in survival, stuck in fear and not in alignment with life.

Quiet, calm environment. I love the quiet, calm before the day begins, after a busy day and in between tasks.

Connection with people. My Mom always asserted that I was a “people person” like her. I was always surprised when she said that my truth for most of my life was that I was afraid of rejection from people. I do thrive making connections with people. I guess that is why coaching is so compelling to me, the heartfelt connection I experience when in my coaching practice. Looking at it now, coaching provided me with the missing emotional intimacy I wasn’t getting in my intimate relationships.

Passion and being fully engaged with myself, my life and with those around me. I need to be surrounded with passionate people. Ardent, enthusiastic and driven people.

Creative Expression, there is always a deep creative urge bubbling to the surface of my awareness. I feel I am here to give birth to something original.

Freedom to choose. The ability to choose my direction, focus and where I place my attention. Not being boxed in by others demands and unreasonable expectations. Not being trapped by my own thinking or limited beliefs.

Explore. An open mind that is willing to discover, explore and chose a dream, idea or destination.


Questions open doors. I believe it is more powerful and important to ask quality questions than it is to try to always know everything. If I can ask better, quality questions and keep asking questions I will eventually get the answer I need to solve the issue, problem or explore an opportunity.

Compassion is a way to view the world and the people around me. Compassion is a verb, it is action. Compassion without action could be pity. Compassion is love in action. Compassion is a basic recognition of the human condition / alone seeking happiness. Compassion to me is the recognition that all are seeking happiness and how people are shoeing up is their way of trying to find their happiness. Just because people are not showing up “happy” doesn’t mean I cannot extend compassion, I can choose to be compassionate.

Dignity. Every sentient being, including humans deserve the recognition of basic dignity. I interpret this as recognition of the source, The All That Is as the animator of all life.

Cause and Effect, is at work everywhere. Every being and everything is doing what comes naturally. A dog barks and it also loves you unconditionally. Bees sting and also give honey. Everything is as it should be.

Self Confrontation. It is our job to confront our beliefs and what we might believe to be true. Because…” You cannot experience what you will not face, confront or examine.”

The Creative Urge is present in every living thing. It calls us to explore who we are, what might be possible and draws us to become more than we are now.

Drive to learn. Each one of us has a desire, drive to learn, to ponder the great mysteries. Some have a greater desire and need to understand. No matter, this ability to learn is like a muscle and can be strengthened and built through time.

Manifesting Joy! Is a permanently installed essence of All That Is, within. It is simply a matter of recognizing it and accessing it.


Preserve Peoples Dignity and whenever possible work in a way that preserves peoples dignity.

Appeal To The Nobler Self especially when people are acting out, being difficult or having an emotional eruption, appeal to their noble self.

Mind Reading. I do my best refrain from mind reading, projection and premature judgement.

Seek to Understand. I have found that the best policy to seek to understand before making decisions, casting judgement over blame.


Higher Good. In all things look to the higher good. Ask myself, “in this situation, what would be in the higher good for all involved? Can I live with that choice? If not, what would make it work for me?

Money. When it comes to choosing money over doing what is right. I always choose doing what is right, even if it will cost me. My integrity is not for sale and no amount of only is worth selling my integrity.

Non-Manipulation in Communications. I practice conscious communication in all my communications this includes both my written and spoken word.

Look Beyond Behaviors. I do my best to remember to look beyond peoples behaviors and remember they are someone’s child, brother, sister, Mother or Father. There is a reason they act they way they do. Whenever possible I extend compassion.

Compassion. In my world, compassion is action. Empty words of pity will not do. Whenever I am moved to judgement, anger or projection I seek to look at people and the situation through the lens of compassion.

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