Prequel To A Breakthrough

After decades of experience Greg finally identified the one trait, one factor that was common in those business owners who got what they wanted. Strangely, this same trait was also absent in the business owners who didn’t get what they wanted.

What is that trait?  The ability to learn their way out of any circumstance.  They had the uncanny ability to be infinitely flexible on the “hows” and yet a vice-like grip on the end result they were pursuing. Not only have we seen evidence of this in our own lives, we have witnessed this similar phenomena in our clients personal and professional development. Because when one refuses to confront our truth, examine their mindset and embrace what needs to change — they become an obstacle to their own growth.

I don’t know about you but that gets our attention.

Confusion is not the enemy, apathy is. Confusion is simply a signal that we need to confront, examine or embrace something in our lives. Remember, “You cannot experience what you will not confront, examine or embrace.” This is all about staying on the pathway of continuous learning and the willingness to change.

Life is constantly posing a question “What are you willing to do to get what you want?”

Hint, if your answer is “I will do anything”, we call bullshit!  If it was that simple, you’d already have it. So obviously there is something else going on.  This is why we created Life Origami so that you can enjoy the “No bullshit path” to living your dream. You can experience the fullness of your potential.

Embracing Your Fullness Is Simple and Complex

You cannot experience that which you will not confront, examine or embrace!

It is easy to set goals and tell the world what you are planning to do. It is a whole different thing to actually do it.

Why do we get stuck or fail to follow through on the things that are important to us?

We are liars. When it comes to uncomfortable change we lie to ourselves.

When we set goals or make plans without confronting our attitudes, examining our (limiting) beliefs or refuse to actually make the changes in order to experience that which we “say” we most want, we lie to ourselves.

These little white lies hurt us much more than we imagine.They lie just below the surface of our awareness and trick us. They trick us when we allow that little inner critic to talk us out of our dreams, when we allow our closet perfectionist to procrastinate because something “is not quite right” and when we refuse to embrace that inner part of ourselves that has to change and doesn’t want to.

It is a fallacy, a complete hallucination to expect change without putting in the effort. Yet we get caught in this line of thinking, why? We call it the “easy button” thinking virus **and** it is a story that the lazy part of us wants to believe.

We think the reason we become so attached to our “story” is because we become comfortable with “the way things are” which becomes our new normal. There is danger in telling ourselves these fairy tales — eventually it becomes a belief. Remember, there is no change without effort. Thinking anything different is chasing ghosts, laziness or past failures.

The truth is, if it is going to be real change you are the one that’s going to be doing the changing. Being able to know that and DO that is what we like to call “YOU-How”.

YOU-How is what happens when you get insight into your inner world. Insight can include awareness that shows you what needs to change, things that you somehow just know (but cannot recall how you know).  It is also what happens when you agree to do something you’ve never done before — yet feel completely confident in your ability to “figure it out”. That is your inner guru, that part of yourself which has been the silent witness to everything that has ever happened to you.

It is the one witnessing every word spoke to you, every thought you’ve had and ever single experience that’s occurred — that collection of life experience is what we call your Inner Guru. There is a source of wisdom within and it is guiding you all the time — either consciously or unconsciously. Know this, you are not alone and your Inner Guru has your best interests at heart – always. The only question is whether or not you will allow it to guide you, teach you and help you.

The is the driving force behind what we do here at Life Origami. We will share with you the philosophy and the principles — more important, we will also show you how to develop the mindset and skill sets to actually live at your highest and best.

Our goal with YOU-How YOUniversity is not to give you the answers. Rather, we train, teach and coach you to find your unique answers. In a learning environment that makes it safe for you to learn, explore and expand. To slowly reveal and introduce you to your Inner Guru.

Why? This inner connection is the only path that leads to permanent change. Modelling other people can create the beginning of change but in our experience is short-lived. The very reason this program is 13 months is to give you the time to re-focus your energy, develop new life-long habits and create a solid foundation. Our dream is that our program is the last “self-help” and personal development program you’ll ever need.

We know once you have the mindsets, skill sets and understand how these universal principles and philosophies can support you, you will be forever changed. You will have the ability to guide yourself through any learning curve, build a bridge to understanding with anyone and anywhere, you’ll be able to coach yourself throughout your life and most exciting for us — you will feel comfortable with who you are because your are in alignment with your values, beliefs, morals and ethics — all of it guided by your inner guru.

You, yourself become the catalyst for permanent change that has been elusive to you. So, if you are ready to uncover the brilliance that is within, we want to meet you. Reach out and ask us for a taste of The Unshakeable You. If by the end of the phone call you feel like you’ve connected with your Inner Guru — we might invite you to become a part of YOU-How YOUniversity.