Self Talk: Dangerous Stories We Tell Ourselves

The greatest deception we inflict on ourselves occurs when we take an extreme, absolute and black
white point of view. When repeated it becomes a story of projection, judgement and often filled with
assumptions. We become fortune-tellers with these amazing mind reading capabilities. These are
thinking and self talk habits that develop over our lifetimes. Plus they grow because we are a caring,
kind person, who thinks of otters. Who will drop everything to help someone else but when it comes
down to caring for ourselves, we delay, avoid and justify our in- action.

There is nothing wrong with you. It is your brain is betraying you. Our old thought patterns keep us
stuck by focusing on putting other peoples needs a head of our own. When this happens obey
extended period it can become so automatic that we don’t even notice what we are doing. Lef
unacknowledged the cycle continues until either we are exhausted or feeling at the end of our rope.
To combat this destructive pattern we can use the brain’s capacity to rewire itself. In a very real and
intentional way, we can innocently trick it, slowly and gradually.

How To Rewire Your Brain, Make A Tough Decision

This five step process is powerful and simple. It works if you take it one step at a time. It might
seem silly at first. Yet this approach is actually supported by the latest brain research. The good
news is using this approach you will rewire your brain and make a smooth transition onto a new
habit. You might just find yourself sprinting through the last few steps as it will activate your reticular
activating system and accelerate you through the learning curve. Here is an example of using this
approach to make an important decision:

  1. I’m willing to consider being willing to be open to making a decision
  2. I’m willing to seriously consider making a decision
  3. I’m making a decision.
  4. I’ve made a decision.
  5. I want your support, I’ve made a decision.

In the final step you are sharing your decision with people in your life. The first four steps you are
simply using this in your self talk to condition your mind to the anticipated change.

The key is to start with the first step and not move on until you feel complete with that step. Then
you move onto the next step and so on.

We are tricking the brain by making a slow, gradual transition using non-threatening repetitive
affirmative statements of self talk. Several times throughout the day repeat each step. As you
progress through each step you will witness your resistance consistently melting away.