You Are Not Broken, You Are Enough!

We are here to tell you there is nothing wrong with you, nothing that needs to be fixed. Only the perfection that you are needs to be revealed. Perhaps this is your opportunity to get to know yourself, intimately, on a whole new level. Your deserve it. In fact Amee likes to say, it’s your birth right. When living in a world of chaos whereby opinions projected on us. Sometimes we don’t know what we want and when we try to accomplish things, we don’t know why it just feels wrong in our gut and it doesn’t work out right. People tell us what to think and how we should feel about it. However, other peoples definition of what success looks like may collide with our own subconscious thoughts, feelings, values. wants and needs. And what seems to be getting in our way is that we can’t reach that inner identity and clarity.

We are all seeking, whether we know it or not, to understand who we are. We believe the biggest reason you may feel awkward in your inner core, is you don’t know yourself. You can change that. It is in your control. We believe the resolution to this is to raise up your hand and get present with yourself and reconnect with the real you. When you become familiarized and acquainted with who you are at the present moment, you will be able to get-a-take on your firsthand knowledge of your state of mind, your situations, and the emotions or sensations that are fixed in your mind.

What if it is as simple as learning how to take on a different perspective and learn how to create a fresh, frame of reference, which will serve your highest good and, like a compass, always brings you back on course. This is an opportunity to shed all the conditioning, judgement, shame, guilt, blame and projections you’ve collected throughout your lifetime. Those nagging doubts, self destructive voices that cause you to shrink. When you consider the way society, family, friends, work and perhaps even your own judgements, isn’t it any wonder we struggle to live fully? It happens not because you are less than, it happens because you are a human who cares.

If we can obtain that realization, we can then create a vision that coincides with what we want and need to experience in our life.

It is possible to experience a relaxed confidence and a clear, satisfying understanding of yourself and your unique abilities and situation.  As you step into a new confident and serene awareness, you will have a clear sense of the Unshakeable you.   It just requires learning some new habits and shedding some old patterns. Then like an athlete, you’ll train to perfect your own methods and style. Before you know it you’ll find yourself living in a new way. The old self will fall away like leaves on an autumn day. Making way for new growth and a new way of experiencing your life.

We will walk you through a congruent process that will not only help you get to know yourself, it will reveal your true nature. It has been there all along, it’s just been buried under other people’s expectations. Here is the good news! It is possible, realistic and best of all 100% congruent with who you are, what you need and want.