YOU-How YOUniversity: The Life Origami Method

Life Origami teaches a method that we affectionately call “The Orange Couch” learning program that offers training-enhanced coaching through what we call the “YOU HOW” YOUniversity. What does “The Orange Couch” mean? The Orange Couch refers to a conversation Greg had with his father when he was younger. His father sat him down on their rumpus room orange couch and talked to Greg about his future. What he told Greg was that it was important for him to “learn how to learn.”

And so today we have launched a 13 month program made up of four phases, where you will uncover the best way you learn. It teaches a self-rewarding technique to create the life YOU uniquely wish to experience with the actual tools to make it happen. In our program you will acquire mindsets and skill sets you need to witness actual movement that creates real change. This will take you well beyond just principles, goal setting and “rah-rah” pep rallies.

It involves the application of actual scientific research of how to holistically and biologically connect the body, brain, mind and soul’s synergy and have it all work together rather than opposed. This is a down-to-earth and realistic way to figure out who you are and what you want, and not that of someone else’s.
You will take your unique gifts and talents and learn to BE yourself and DO what it is you want in life so that you can HAVE the results you WANT to experience. You can live an unbound life of passion, with an unshakeable inner solitude of equilibrium so you can live congruently with your attention on your intentions.

Its not about the end result only, we can foresee the potential in you to receive the bountiful experiences along your journeys, everyday in the Now and the next now, creating down-right happiness.
We have seen the magic that occurs when people really get to know themselves. Spontaneous healing occurs, health returns, energy increases and life becomes a grand adventure. This is what you deserve and this is our focus here at Life Origami Corporation. Let the magik begin!

Everyone Is Automatically Enrolled In “YOU-How University”

We believe every single soul is automatically enrolled in the YOU-How University the moment we are born. Attendance is compulsory, being able to extract your lesson is not automatic, it does require effort on your part. It can be as simple as reading this paragraph and realizing you have an inner resident, teacher and guide that has been with you every step of the way. Or it can be a bit more complex and require you to go through the learning curve to truly change your life.
One thing we can say with complete certainty. Everyone has a learning curve. Remember, there’s no amount of money you can spend to solve a “learning” problem.” You have to “learn your way” out of the learning problem.

This is not a one size fits all solution to every problem. We do not have your answers, only you have the answers to your circumstances. If you have the ability to tap into you’re your Inner Guru you can learn your way out of any adversity, challenge or circumstances.

If there’s one thing we do that you won’t find anywhere else, it’s the distinction that you have the ability to learn your way out of any situation. You don’t need to be fixed and there is nothing wrong with you. What we’ve discovered is that once you learn how to calm your Inner Critic you will naturally tap into your Inner Guru. This is game changing because not only are you not chasing old ghosts, you begin to tap into your higher self – which knows exactly what you need to do and when you need to do it. And you will no longer have to chase after a seemingly endless personal development cycle. Our dream is that our program might be the last self-help program you will ever need.

That is a bloody bold statement and the only reason we can say that is because we do not have your answers — only you have your answers. Our job is to teach, coach and mentor you to uncover the answers within awaiting your discovery.