Brain Rewiring In Progress (Change Our Point-of-View, Life Context)

You may not realize it but our brain rewires itself constantly. The book “The Brain That Changes Itself” documents how people with serious brain injury or impairments recover and heal their brains.

It would be natural for you to think, “There is nothing wrong with my brain. I do not need to heal it or rewire it.” Actually, your brain is doing this adaptive, healing and learning process continually. It happens so discreetly that you simply are unaware of it. Everything that happens to us is shaping and rewiring our brain. Every single moment.

This is good news. Because this rewiring is how you move from incompetence (not knowing what you do not know) to complete mastery of a complex task. Through your conscious effort, learning and repetition you eventually were able to master walking as a toddler.

Even as a toddler, your brain had a remarkable capability to record experiences. To recall them and use them next time as a “map” or a point of reference. Which helped you adapt and adjust your approach when you attempted the same task. Your brain literally accessed those same neuropathways and memories. Which provided the context for what you were experiencing as you were continuing your learning journey to move from crawling to walking.

Even today, you are still using this “context” to walk without having to think much about it albeit, unconsciously. This is an example of how entering the “learning curve” can be used to change your life.

It is happening right now, even as your are reading this. You can choose to ignore what you’ve learned or you can choose to explore the Wheel of Equilibrium.

If you choose to explore the Wheel of Equilibrium you will be answering a series of questions designed to create new frame of reference and create new connections in your brain. We are always pleasantly surprised what comes to the surface when our clients answer the assessment questions. When you choose to be curious about a question that is when your brain adapts and provides you with context.