Have you ever thought you were broken or not Enough?

Have you ever thought that you are not enough, are broken and need to be fixed?
Might I suggest that “being broken” is a projection and judgment that might feel real but in fact is not and does not have one atom of truth. How so? We were made to be perfectly our own individual person. You can’t do “YOU” wrong. You can however judge that you are a failure, beat yourself up and absorb all of the negative blame and judgments that have been thrown at you over a lifetime. You can choose to bypass all of that by simply adopting the belief that “I am NOT broken” and “I don’t need to be fixed”. “However, there are some things that I do want to change.” You are the only one that has the full context of what it means to be you. You are the only one who has been witness to everything that has happened to you, everything that has been said to you, and everything you have said to yourself. That represents a transformational inventory of life wisdom that we believe you can tap into if you so choose to go through the learning curve. When going through this learning curve, it is a process of confronting reality as an observer, free of the blame, shame guilt-beatings and patterns we have engaged in the past. When we can get past the internal dialogue of projections and judgments. A subtle transformation begins as your identity shifts from being the victim, and having to be a warrior, to becoming your own guru.

Have you ever thought that “You are not Enough or that you are Broken?”