Antidote to Mental Riga-mortis (Hardening of the mind)

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Beware of hardening of your mind, holding rigid attitudes and opinions which is also a form mental riga-mortis which occurs in subtle, small decisions, opinions and attitudes.

  • Watch for your emotional reactions, press your internal pause button. Choose instead to respond after taking the time to breath, reflect and find common ground.
  • Retaining or reliving anger is a sign of resentment. Thinking about resentments and reliving painful memories can become toxic and unhealthy.
  • Judging and projecting upon yourself and others reveals a narrowing point of view (POV).

Stay open, curious and seek to first understand the people in your life. Choose to listen and give them the gift of being heard.

Heartfelt Dialogue Is A Key To Growth

Are the people who teach you, coach you and support you are they still students? Or are they so full of themselves and their own bias that they can’t see the value of being curious?

  • Remain a student? Staying open to learnings insights and new growth opportunities.
  • Stay Curious. It is the sign of healthy, open mind.