Feelings & Emotions Ping-Pong

We just completed our 4th Video in the Series Videos on the “12 Day 2019 Challenge: Living Serene in 2019” where we discuss “Feelings and Emotions Ping Pong” it is 59:55 in length

In today’s video we discuss a somewhat controversial topic — the difference between Feelings & Emotions, what we call Ping-Pong and we challenge the common misunderstandings and beliefs.  We introduce the E.A.S.E. Skill Kit (a 1 week program) which is basically a quick-boost to help you reboot your energy and focus. It is a mini ‘zero-hour’ reset and spiritual renewal to assist you to get centred and grounded. 

The E.A.S.E. Skill Kit will put you in the right frame of mind to begin “Living a Serene Life”.In order to live a serene life, you need to be leveraging the present moment, which is your point of power.  When you are centered and grounded you aren’t going to waste energy, time or focusing on the wrong things, at the wrong time for the wrong reasons.  Any moment can become transformational whenever you wish to make something happen for you. 

What You Will Learn: How To Live With Ease (1st Step To Living A Serene Life)

  • Feelings & Emotions Ping-Pong (2:27): what is the difference between feelings an emotions and why it is important.
  • Lessons Learned About Feelings and Excitement (8:06)
  • Reacting vs Responding (16:30): feelings and emotions, introduction to the sympathetic and para-sympathetic nervous system
  • Intro to How To Live With Ease (29:00): the eight (8) aspects of EASE Emotional, Autonomy, Self-Reliant, Education
  • Overview of The E.A.S.E Skill Kit (38:00): we introduce a four step process that includes:
    1. Learn about the Heart Breathing Technique
    2. How the Emotional Release Technique will clear trapped emotions and roadblocks.
    3. A Brief introduction to Rewiring Your Brain coaching session.
    4. Getting Grounded and Focused session.
  • Fun, Irreverant but Relevant Parody (56:48); At the end of the following video you will find a short “Irreverent but Relevant” clips with Greg and I doing a parody.  It was very fun to do.  It was on the topic of feelings and emotions.  Enjoy!

The E.A.S.E Skill Kit program will begin January 2019

Today’s video is the extra video. In it we discuss the How To Live With E.A.S.E. (Emotional Autonomy Self-Reliant Education) and an introduction to the First Law of Individuality — Self Care. One of the two Powers of Self Care is Well-Being and being able to live with EASE.

The Four Phases of The E.A.S.E Skill Kit: This program is composed of 4 hours of Training Enhanced Coaching.  The E.A.S.E. Skill-Kit mini-program is only $150 and all you need to do to enrol is to simply call us on the phone.  There is no fancy funnel to vortex you into anything.  This is a practical, logical and effective program based on actual science and used in the health care system as well.  Even if you simply want to call to get some information or ask questions, we are available to chat and get to know each other. The program takes place over the course of approximately 10 days. Typically, beginning Mondays and concluding the following Tuesday.  Here is an example:

  • Jan 7 (Mon): Heart Breathing Technique 45 min
  • Jan 11 (Fri): Emotional Release Technique 1.5 hr 
  • Jan 14 (Tues):  Rewiring Your Brain for New approach to replacing old patterns with new pathways and connections, combining Neuroplasticity of the brain using a kinaesthetic, experiential approach. Video Enhanced Training & Coaching plus Homework. 1 hour plus 4 days of a little homework.
  • Immediately following your Rewiring the brain training, the Grounding and Focus session happens.  45 min

So give us a ring (1-403-307-8281) to enrol now and start 2019 off with a plan to Live With E.A.S.E.

First 3 videos were on the following subjects

Video 1: Just say NO to New Years Resolutions” we think there is a better way.

Video 2:Gender Identity, embracing differences and self expression, there is a lot we learned doscussing this issue.

Video 3: The Skill Kit Deficit Problem & Why Life Origami Exists”.  It was composed of 3 topics.  (You are not broken, you do not need to be fixed; The ONE mistake everyone makes; Skill Kit transforms weaknesses into strengths)

NOTE: there are 12 sequential videos introducing this “Living a Serene Life” program plus an extta video launching our E.A.S.E. Skill-Kit Program.  One lesson from our lives per day until New Years Day.  

Upcoming Videos

The EASE Skill-Kit Program is a prerequisite to the Living a Serene Life Program which runs 3 months following completion of the EASE program. 

So to understand what the “Living a Serene Life” program is about, please continue to watch the next 9 videos.  Or… Simply give us a call or check out our website at lifeorigami.com.  We are also on twitter (@gregbd and @AmethystPeony or @Grumpyfairy) and you can join our facebook group LifeOrigami.