Amee’s Irreverent but relevant take on wedgie-thinking-milkshake licking

This discussion is from my website where I discuss the audio on this webpage about embracing differences. We talk about the DNA associated with some identical twins – DNA changed with the gay twin. And then we talk about how society Boos people of all different types.

One example that comes to mind is I had a friend who was born with male genitalia but at a later date decided they wanted to be a female. They had to live as a female for 2 years prior to having a gender-change operation. I am not certain what became of the situation as we lost contact. However I remember 2 stories that They said was when they worked at a big well-known department store. They wasn’t allowed to use the men’s or women’s washroom and had to wait to use the handicapped washroom with a private room. As well, one day the manager was picking my friend apart in front of some customers and the manager made reference to They being a He and not a She. They was very embarrassed that this happened because the manager was very well informed that my friend (They) wanted to be addressed as a female. And it was very embarrassing to be called a male very loud in front of the customers (purposely) because They wore a long wig and women’s fashion and makeup. It was humiliating to be disrespected in general but also to be mocked in public and be laughed at by customers.

So what’s up with that folks.? As my daughter Jada says – get with the times! Being older (non-millennial lol) doesn’t have to mean having a old frame of mind (lost in the age of adherence and a co-dependent relationship with a 1950s adage that what’s different is unbiblical or otherwise unacceptable).

So cut the umbilical cord people – and stop ordering the milkshakes (aka breastmilk) of an intolerant ignorant society that doesn’t love others for who they are – whether they are the majority or a minority. Get Real and Land a Life – Get a life! I’m just saying…

BTW – this audio isn’t as irreverent as this article – but its relevant. Which is in keeping with the theme of this blog category.

Kudos and Hero Cookies to all my queer friends for being who you are and not caving to the people all caught up in a whirlwind of wedgie-thinking.

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