Have More F.U.N. by Embracing Your Foolproof Unlimited Nature

Amee wrote a provocative blog post “What the Hell Is FUN anyway? This is my response, actually my prequel that started our whole conversation. She has some great points, go over and read what she says and then come back here.

Human beings question everything. If you realized how much time you spend chasing thoughts, questions or trying to solve unsolvable dilemmas — you might just laugh out loud at the ridiculousness of your state of mind. 

What if many of the problems you are attempting to “solve” are unsolvable?What if the thing you are trying to change is the way it is because that is inherently “what it is” because that is its true nature.

You might not like a dog but trying to turn the dog into a cat is futile. A dog might mimic certain cat traits but it will always be a “dog” because that is its current DNA. It would take a massive amount of energy to turn a cat into a dog. why bother? If you want a cat, go get one and give the dog to someone who wants and appreciates dogs.

Here is the thing to remember. Before embarking upon attempting to change something ask yourself “Is this thing I want to change go directly against the laws of nature and “the way things are”?” If so, it is a fool s mission and will certainly frustrate you and waste your precious life chasing and attempting to change the laws of nature.

For example, you can learn to navigate a boat on the ocean and change the direction and course of the boat. You cannot change the sea or the wind. you can learn how to work with the laws of “the way things are” by observing what is naturally occurring and then adapting and working with “the way things are”. It is called “leveraging flow” taking what you have and can control. Use the energy within your environment, for example the wind, rain or the sunshine to your benefit. Sit in the sun, go for a walk and breathe intentionally.

Play with “the way things are” instead of trying to turn dogs into cats.

Amee says turn lemons into orange juice. When you are given lemons, don’t follow the crowd and make lemonade. Go do something unique, truly you.

Step out of the ordinary and what people expect. Do something audacious — be yourself. Abandon the crowd and beat your own drum.

Always doing what other people expect is like trying to join their “band” when you have no drum or instrument. You are attempting to beat a non-existent drum. All you end up doing is flailing about flapping your arms and looking like you are beating empty air. If you realized how much time and energy you waste beating those non-existent drum(s) you’d be shocked plus you look silly.

Stop trying to be serious all the time and let yourself enjoy the moment and have some F.U.N. and let yourself enjoy your “Foolproof Unlimited Nature (TM)”

Did you know that with enough energy, effort, time, resources and working with the “way things are” working with nature instead of against it, you have unlimited potential?

We suggest that if it is not F. U.N. then it is not worthy of your attention — you will not enjoy it. If you do not enjoy something — stop doing it. 

Pause, reflect and see if you can figure out how to have F.U.N. or abandon it. Otherwise you will grow to detest it and put yourself into a position of resistance against the laws of nature. Resisting nature and “the way things are” is a fools mission.

Learning to “dance” and flow with the natural order of things is F.U.N. and foolproof. When you work with “the way things are” you are embracing reality instead of setting yourself up to be in resistance and moving against nature.

Embrace F.U.N. and you will experience the foolproof unlimited natural unfolding of who you are and your true nature. Then you will begin to experience forward movement in your life. Resistance to the way things are, really is futile, it will make you tense, anxious and if you stay in resistance king enough it could make you physically and emotionally sick. It is alike the emotional flu — you ache from the emotional turbulence and the wasted time and effort spent in resistance.

If you are feeling sick look to see if you can identify how you are in resistance to reality, nature and the way things actually are. Then correct how you are out of alignment with the natural order and eventually your physical and  mental balance will be restored and you will come back into alignment and your body will naturally begin to heal itself.

Go out there and explore your “Foolproof Unlimited Nature” and you might just discover a new way to view others, your life and embrace a new individuality.

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