This empty nest I wear in my hair – poem

My ever so Beautifully Amazingly talented and just simply Beautiful Cousin Amethyst Peony Dickson wrote this poem among many. She’s gonna be famous . She already is in my eyes. Artwork done by her as well. So INFUCKINCREDIBLE ❤❤❤💋💋💋 brings me to tears.
I relate wholy to this poem as I was torn to pieces for years after my boyz left home.

This poem is about when I finally came to terms – that my kids had grown up. I had an identity crisis over my worth, based on how much I was needed. My role had changed as a mother. I had to find myself again, after 30 years of being a mom. And I had to let go of measuring my worth through the lives of my kids.

*This empty nest I wear in my hair*

Please meet the acquaintance of my empty nest,
On silenced branches of memories I rest.
Smiling my loneliness away without ease,
Still standing in the waving breeze.

Naming the cracked shells my own,
My barren cradle no longer a home.
Many Dew tear drops have kissed my leaflets,
Half a dozen at a time, but brief yet.

Then their hearts flew up far away,
My own heart left, as so did they.
This happy camouflage of bravery,
Seeks more than smiles of fakery.

Cut these branches and build a lifeboat,
Take a staycation and write an endnote.
Clip off these thorns that keep me tethered,
And spring clean this nest so weathered.

Mona Lisa’s Smile is not sustainable,
No charlatan will I channel.
Passion doesn’t ride on past worth,
I joyously seek my true north.

In the present moment I will write,
Love, joy and peace are my birthrights.
My life’s script with peaceful meditation,
My voice recites my own words of self-admiration.

I don’t need to “feel needed”, to justify my worth,
It’s time to spring to the melody of a well earned rebirth.