Thought Baggage and Stinking Thinking

Thought Baggage and Stinking Thinking

Stinking-Thinking happens below the surface subconsciously in our repertoire of thought-baggage, which pops up at any unsuspecting time to play mind games with us. And if left unchallenged, they maneuver their way into our minds to confirm the little stories that we have identified ourselves with over the years. If unchecked, they may make us feel like we are worthless, undeserving, confused, depressed, or indecisive, etc…. They steal our joy and rob us of health and vitality.

When we learn to discipline our mind and to strengthen neurological pathways in the brain, from primal reacting to conscious responding, we no longer feel at the mercy of our own negative thoughts. When we can let go of old thinking patterns and challenge the mean things we say to ourselves, we will become calmer, have less anxiety and depression. We will be able to go after what we want in life. We can do this without the roadblocks we set onto our own path. When our minds are clear of old stories, we can also effectively communicate with others because we are calm inside and don’t have a bunch of monkey brains swinging around in our heads, playing havoc with how we view others in the world.

One of the techniques of rendering thought-baggage full of stinking-thinking to be irrelevant, is to learn how to disarm the anxious thoughts that we feel we have no control over. Then we will learn not to believe every single crazy blaming, shaming, and guilt-beating thought we project and judge ourselves by. This ends the unnecessary suffering.

There are many different ways that our stinking-thinking lies to us to make situations out to be worse than they really are. In the old days we called it “making mountains out of molehills.” (I just dated myself)

I intend to present each of these different ways everyday. Once I have done that, I will tell you how to disarm those thoughts so you can have a serene and calmer life. You will also be able to find this information as it comes together, on our website at