Empty Nester or Dreamweaver?

If you call yourself an Empty Nester – this doesn’t mean you wait around for the kids to bring you flowers, you go out and plant your own garden. Like the flowers that lean towards the sun light, lean towards positive people and doing the things that bring you joy.  

My grandmother used to have a huge rose garden, and I inherited the large amount of her dry seeds from her garden. So when I first decided to plant my own garden, it was a literal hobby. And I planted a rose garden, just like grandmas. It was very symbolic of my need to pursue  individual self expression.

So this year, Greg and I are creating our own pot gardening on the deck. It is something I love to do, Because it is a intentional meditative thing to nurture flowers and vegetables/herbs each morning and evening.

Greg and I, we are looking forward to sharing this experience together and growing beautiful vegetables that are wholesome and free of chemicals.  

If you are calling yourself an empty nester, remember that you have value and your purpose in life doesn’t revolve around whether your kids need you and you can be useful to them.  It’s time to find out who you are as a person, separate from your role as caregiver.  And it’s time to stop identifying as a “left-over” or the “side-dish” in the kids lives-  after they are gone.  Let go of the label “empty nester” and create a new you.  Find out who you are, then be that.  Are you an empty nester or a dream weaver?

The kids are adults and enjoying their lives, and it’s always lovely to see them or the grand kids, but don’t let go of the grande adventure called your life, in the present.  Never let your selfcare go, it’s priority number one and sacrifice is not your motto anymore now that the kids are perfectly capable of using the tools you gave them, to manage themselves.  They are not your project anymore.  You are the mom or dad always, but drop the mommy and daddy labels (figuratively)that indicate the umbilical cord hasn’t been cut.  

They will require help throughout the years, here and there but not to the detriment of your wellbeing.  This is your time to rise and enjoy the life you yearned for while they were growing up.  The time is here to learn, grow and create momentum in your life, chasing your magnificent obsession.  This is whatever gives you joy and passion in life, and something that brings meaning and significance to your life.  

Chasing happiness is temporary and situational.  Joy is boundless when you are true to yourself, a student of your life – curious and seeking mastery.  This is your life- so go out and live it.