My Own April Fools Day by Amee

My Own April Fools Day

In bygone day’s I had a mantra of sort

A ship sail  worthy of a deport

I was two fools for a moment 

My life’s significant opponents 

I was both a daft baboon

and a feather headed loon.

As an errant actress 

Distracted with much practice 

On the stage of my life

Mostly a mindset of strife

The figment of my imagination

Saw scorn and damnation 

My gaze wandered this then that way

And then my fears began to play

As my ego peered into the audience

I did seek bravado so glorious

Where was that mastermind 

Designed and refined

That certainly was not me

Old patterns I couldn’t see

I wished to enlighten my mind

Gain awareness of some kind

 My courage I plucked away 

It’s time spent I can not repay 

My successes were tucked

Into my closet they were stuck

Thus a crime against myself 

Putting my greatness on a shelf

Always prisoner of martyrdom stories 

Caught up in fear and worries 

My hands grasped blindly 

At nothing that worked kindly

My life played a guileful game

The consequences were the same 

Any creativity running with the matadors

My conscience locked it behind doors

I did not walk my talk congruent

My boldness lacked the shine affluent

My sayings I denied ruefully

I scorned myself unduly 

At that infamous turning point

A shift in the wind I didn’t disappoint

I saw the potential before me

Each morning I awoke carefree

A turncoat was no longer my apparel

Nor denied happiness with imperil

Today I accept the day’s worth 

My potential has a rebirth

Looking back I strangled it flippantly

Today I claim it magnificently

As my blindfolded wrath set itself inward

Today I only move forward 

And now I mean what I say

I have no regrets to repay

What I say I  mean

On my word I am keen

No lingering heartbeat of the masses 

They can keep to themselves those asses

I now decree to that societal marionette 

Dancing their judgments minuet

No longer can I be your fool

 In fact I have been my own fool

 For letting April 1st walk right in the door

And depleting my joy to the core

Now my mantra is love

Life as meaningful I have plenty Of.