The Observer Preserver

Your mind chases drama

It attempts to ignore Karma.

It can’t deal with loss,

It refuses to pay the cost.

Because it knows you will,

Not have the guts to kill.

Your identity,  because its,

Attached to your serenity.

You might not agree,

Might scream like a Banshee.

You will not escape,

The constant mind rape.

Which always occurs,

With accusations and slurs.

The incessant dialogue,

Like a bad noisy dog.

So the cycle begins, and

Nobody wins.

The battle over the mind,

It’s never streamlined.

Unless you so choose,

To remove your shoes.

And refuse to chase,

Never to enter the race.

Of a mind so obsessed,

Always in protest.

Rather, become the observer,

For it’s your life preserver!