The Principle of Integrity according to Amee

The Principle Of Integrity plays a vital part in my health and well-being. I choose self-love rather than to engage in the stories that I am sick physically or mentally. I am not my health symptoms.

My being (consciousness) is independent of my physiology. I can still be me and have fun and still be experiencing physical symptoms, discomfort or emotions. I just learn to adapt so that I can still follow my true north which is all about having fun with all I do. This includes creativity, diversity, and pursuing joy.

I believe in having fun and being creative and so that overrides any challenges that come up. I believe in self-responsibility and to embrace the opportunity to take on challenges with integrity, congruent with my frame of reference.

If I live with integrity, I uphold my health convictions to be well psychologically and physiologically. I believe in self-acceptance and it is irrelevant what others think or say about my health and well-being. As long as I engage in the principle of integrity, I believe in myself and don’t keep rehearsing my story of the underdog.

I Am, without apology.

Upon examining my challenges and confronting them, with integrity, I am accountable and take on the responsibility to solve these dilemmas and eliminate roadblocks to getting what I want to experience. It is unethical to ignore my responsibilities (towards my health and well-being).

It is immoral for others to challenge my self-integrity with “should” and “must” showers. It is unethical to allow them to attack my autonomy and I refuse to surrender my freedoms to tyranny. When I am indifferent to the principle of integrity, I am not taking on this responsibility. In order to get to a place of responsibility, I have to be the observer of my circumstances, confronting and examining them.

Upon realization and an awakening, I have no choice but to be accountable and responsible to solve the problems. And make them null and void. Without integrity, I’d just disengage.

So what keeps me engaged is self-love. I know I am healthy and not sick. I have a good heart and am persistent at taking care of my responsibilities. Self Care is my number one priority.

I refuse to associate with people or organizations that label me as mentally ill or sick just because I have symptoms related to my body or circumstances. I am taking care of those things and am getting better and better every day physiologically. Psychologically, there is nothing wrong with me. I Am. I am magnificent.