The Principle of the power to choose according to Amee

The principle of the power to choose is always active, available and awaiting my command.

I always have the opportunity to choose to engage with this principle, that enhances my life, at any given moment. With this power to choose, I live a life that is meaningful and brings significance according to my own beliefs, values, morals and ethics.

My freedom and autonomy is sacred to me. I strive to live congruent according to this necessary component in my life, which must be present in order to live with joy. I thrive when I choose to live independent from manipulators and controllers.

I choose to live according to my own standards. It is unethical for others to rule over me. I choose not to shrink back and follow others agendas. It is immoral to allow tyranny in my life because it is depletes my joy. Staying in dysfunctional relationships disrupts my ability to remain in “Cause”, so that I can enjoy the “Effect” I want to experience. So it doesn’t serve my greater good, to engage in what destroys what I value.

Living incongruent with my beliefs robs me of everything I uphold to be true and dear to me. I choose to live with integrity and stay out of codependent relationships. I choose love. I choose to respect my dignity and it is ethical to cherish it.

When I choose to stay free from tyranny, I can access joy. Joy doesn’t come from oppression. What will help me stay consistent and persistently engaging with this principle, is I have to be inspired to follow my true north compass. Inspiration involves creativity. I am not inspired when I am bored. Without creativity, I am bored. Out of boredom and inconsistency doesn’t emerge inspiration, and then I can’t stay engaged with the power to choose.

I let myself slip back into what hurts me. So self integrity is a major influencing factor. So if I follow the principles of choice, respect for dignity and integrity, I am well on a path to living the life I wish to experience.

Living with integrity would mean staying at cause so I can experience, love, joy, peace, safety, and healthy well-being.