Butterfly Dreams

Bright little butterfly, always so spry.

Exploring what might be, so very carefree.

Wings so fragile, many’s places to travel.

Wonder what you might, discover in flight.

To live carefree, we might see. 

How life could change, perhaps rearrange.

Our point of view, decide to go through.

Leave the past behind, if so inclined.

Seeking a shift, to stop the drift.

I opened my heart, ready to start.

To begin again, as right as rain.

I opened the door, which was called for.

So I proposed, she was unopposed.

She became my wife, a beautiful change of life.

We are finding our way, it’s hard to convey.

How much we learned, once we returned.

To living completely, no longer discreetly.

Choosing instead, to not be misled.

Opening our hearts, embrace the fine arts.

Of one’s true nature, becoming our own savior.

Seeing our truth, becoming our own sleuth.

To figure out how, in the here and now.

To manifest the best, this the acid test.

A life to adore, is full of vigour.

Stepping into greatness, now that’s contagious.

Living without  regret, is the best epithet.