Free Range Humans Ahead

Greg says… Caution Dangerous Free Range Human(s) Ahead… Just say no to free range humans, they are unpredictable and dangerous to your health and well-being. They might be fun to play and party with but free range humans can be caustic to your self esteem.

Unfortunately, the price for enjoying their company is that they will attempt to infuse you with their opinions, beliefs and values. Free range humans are wild, untamed and determined to make everyone around them be like them. They are charismatic, strong personalities that must be heard. They love to hear themselves talk and are determined to be “right”. If that means they have to lie, assault your sense of morality or opinions they will do so, without hesitation. If you have one of these free range humans in your life right now, they have likely already polluted your consciousness. What say you Amethyst?

Amee says… Funny thing is, the people with all those strong “musts” that they “should” all over you, are just carbon copies of some other clueless chicken out there, without a thought of their own making. When we know what we want, what we believe or value, free range chickens afraid of their own originality, stay with the flock. They wander around clucking at each other in unison. They kiss the clubhouse ring of ho-hum boring and lick and stick on the tattoo of immorality by trying to force grain down your throat. It’s their diet and has no relevance in your life or diet. Don’t chase the irrelevant. Bask in the light of your own viewpoints.