Productivity hacks Or Aimlessly Wandering

Greg says…

3 minute read… Productivity, comfortable routines and auto pilot are the unholy trinity of productivity…

You can’t go far in entrepreneur circles without overhearing a discussion about “productivity“. The truth is a productivity obsession can cause you to chase after the wrong things, for the wrong reasons, at the wrong time.

Productivity and efficiency has always been a mantra in business circles, but it has become an unhealthy thinking virus.

Almost daily I’ll come across the newest, latest productivity tip from the likes of Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs or some other famous person. For example, today I saw a life hack and productivity tip from Morgan Freeman on Facebook, I am still surprised that my some of my friends on Facebook fall for these false memes. Do people really believe these famous people live and think this way? The truth of how these people live cannot be summed up in a photo poster in 20 words or less. If you believe that, guess what? I have a bridge in London you might like to buy.

Most of these so called life hacks and productivity tips are based on lies, innuendo and false information. The all sound pretty good but they fall short in one important area, context, your life context.

At Life Origami, we encourage people to wake up and smell the coffee. Because we believe there is only one productivity tip worthy your attention, energy and effort.

Do the right things at the right time, for the right reason(s).

If you are really determined to adopt a life hack, this is the only life hack worthy of your attention — to become more wholly, completely and fully yourself.

Our obsession for productivity is really a thirst for integrity, authenticity and self expression…

The cry of productivity is basically a cry for self-expression. The problem with almost all productive tips, memes and ideas are they are fear-based strategies. They scratch our wound and false impressions around productivity because we are afraid that if we are not “productive“ we will miss out on something important. After all, what’s the harm in focusing on being productive? When the motivation is based on the “fear of missing out” (FOMO) we are misguided. Chasing anything from a mindset or fear will only get you more fear.

Or even worse you pride yourself on being efficient and able to do things without thinking. That’s called auto-pilot and we all do it. Here is the problem, you can’t expect to auto-pilot your way through your entire life. You will not magically manifest finding yourself at the end of the rainbow, capturing the leprechaun who is holding onto your pot of gold.

The uncomfortable truth is most of our lives we are simply sleepwalking, on auto pilot. We are thinking the same repetitive thoughts over and over again. We think it’s time to free yourself from of the comfort zone of habitual thinking, fear-based motivation and false productivity tips.

Otherwise you could end up participating in a game of productivity whack a mole — unknowingly dodging your truth, disregarding reality, clinging to productivity euphemisms/memes. In the end when caught on this treadmill you end up rejecting the truth about your life purpose — which is to Fully Inhabit Your Life.

You can’t fully inhabit your life being a copycat of other people’s lives, books or seminars. It’s only when you are chasing how to bend, shape and mold life to your will, whims and wishes — that you will feel truly alive. That’s when you know you are Fully Inhabiting Your Life. We think that sounds like fun,what do you think?

What say you Amethyst?

Amee says… I think if we don’t know what we want to experience and don’t know who we are, what makes us tick, what brings significance to life – we are merely chasing around trying to fill a gap but we don’t know what to fill it with. It’s like craving something to eat but not knowing what. Possibly it’s something sweet or savoury. So you go into the fridge and try to fill a void. You pull out left overs. First spaghetti, and toast with chokecherry jam. Then beans and how about salsa and pita chips. Nothing does the trick. That’s because you don’t know you’d rather have a fruit and don’t think about it. You are just porking down anything to fill the void. Were you chasing aimless again after being productive, efficient or effective and did you just blow your diet and have to sleep with a stomach ache? Knowing what you want prevents running around aimlessly with your shorts all wedgied up in a whirlwind- not getting what you want, an inkling how to find it, or even know what your true North is. You end up chasing the wrong thing at the wrong time for the wrong reason. So are you going to shovel in your mouth spinach by the plateful, or peel a banana and make a cherry banana shake? It’s your palate, but don’t sabotage it. It’s your dream, don’t waste precious time chasing others rah rah pep rally’s that don’t work according to You-How. Their They-How is irrelevant in the context of your life experience. Find out how you learn and who you are, then be that!