Find out who you are then be that!

I had a dream last night that someone passed away in the neighbourhood, and people were bringing flowers to the family at their house like a shrine of sorts.  And when I woke up it got me thinking.  When someone dies, it gets us thinking about that person’s life and their legacy left behind.  Then, some of us think about our lives and what we’ve done with it thus far.  My Grandma always said, that life was too short.  I never understood that because my childhood seemed to go on forever.  Even when I was an adult having kids like a baby factory, life seemed like it would go on endlessly.  Then the kids grew up and I respected time more.  I always heard from baby boomers in my 30s and 40s that “they grow up so fast!”  I’d roll my eyes because I couldn’t imagine the day they left.  So now that I’m 50 ++ years young, my perspective has shifted.  Now I find myself saying the same thing to other mothers with young kids.  Then they nod politely or roll their eyes, just as I used to do back then.  I think we say that because the longing for those days with the youngsters comes up and we want to tell the world to appreciate the younger years and not waste them.    I never thought I’d reach 50 and now 60 seems to be marching a lot faster forward, than life did between 20 and 40.  And I appreciate today more so.

So when we think about funerals and the lives of those gone, we think about what we are perhaps missing out on in the present.  Maybe for a week or a month we live life more intentionally but then it wears off and we go back to chasing goals and productivity.  It’s true some of us don’t have a clue what we want our legacy to be, let alone live our life so we can create it.  But the thing I actually wanted to speak to this morning is – what if you were to write your life’s script today?  What is your purpose here on this earth?  

Businesses write mission statements and so we do too if we take time to ponder.  But specifically, do we write out the life script in our heads?  Or even journal about it?  Do we know what brings meaning and significance to our lives?  What are our values and beliefs, and do we live with integrity, making decisions congruent with them?  So, do we know the effects and what we want to experience at the end of life, but along the journey too?  If we know what effect we want to experience, then by the universal principle of cause and effect (reap and sow), staying in cause will get you what you want to experience.  Not only in retirement, but each day, week, month, year, decade.  So how does one stay doing things in cause?  Well, you simply do what will get you what you want to experience today and don’t waste time putting it off for tomorrow.  I am also talking about experiencing peace, feeling calm, relaxed as we go through life doing what ever we want.  Day by day in every way, we stay in cause to get effect.  That way we don’t waste time doing the wrong thing, at the wrong time for the wrong reasons.  So what can you do to contemplate these things?  Try journaling what your values and beliefs are, and what brings significance and meaning to your life.  Think about your legacy you want to leave behind besides material things and wealth. Who would our legacy extend out you you?  Even dare to write your own eulogy.  It puts things into perspective, even if it feels weird to do so.  There’s a clear benefit to doing that today while you are young, or entering your second act.  Then find out who you are and your sub-purposes in life- then be that!!

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