Who Determines Your Worth?

Whether you feel like you are “Enough” or not is something only you can determine.  It doesn’t matter if anyone is judging you so, because you get to be the one who knows and decides your real truth.  This can only happen if you cultivate and trust your internal frame of reference and not on externally based opinions of others.  

Your value doesn’t hinge on the opinions of others.  You can get into a state of feeling unworthy when you allow yourself to feel wrong.  The only reason this can happen is if you have an attachment to always having to be right amongst your peers or associates.  

When you put so much stock into people pleasing, and you don’t manage to accomplish your mission, you feel you haven’t been successful and you then blame/shame yourself for being “not enough”.  You may not be listening to your own voice and other people may be resisting letting you just be.  

We experience shame if we judge ourselves, when we fail to exert being right and our attachment to it.  What would happen if you just let yourself be?  You don’t owe anyone an apology for being who you are.  In a disagreement with a friend, partner, colleague, family member, neighbour, etc, just state how you feel and your needs, then let go trying to convince the other person that you are right.  It is then up to the other person to accept or resist your truth, but either way, their frame of mind isn’t your business anymore.  You tell them your truth and then let go of the attachment to proving you are right.  No argument needs to ensue.  

You can consider what they say but in the end you make your final decisions based on what you feel is just to you.  You can do this when you have an inner security and to you, only your opinions and feelings need matter.  

Your morals and ethics, if in alignment with your values and beliefs, guide you to make decisions when others say you are unworthy or not enough.  What you need to do is listen to what your heart is saying and not worry about whether you measure up to others biased standards and opinions.  You are what matters. It’s your life, so don’t waste it on the irrelevant.