Your Birthright to Passionate Self Expression

As a business owner, in 2006 to 2008 I had a successful children’s entertainment facility much like Disneyland because of the animation.  As I was going through my divorce, during discovery sessions with the lawyers, it was insinuated that I wasn’t competent enough to run my business because my background was in science.  (Actually it was 10 years of science and business.). I bought into it after 3 years of a divorce case from hell.  I closed my business down because I felt I wasn’t “enough” to run it by myself.  After 3 years of business development, I gave in to others opinions and projections despite my business doing exceptionally well.  It all had to do with mindset.  I learned in the end that the world doesn’t revolve around the opinions of others who are only there to tear you down because they have a self interest to do so.  You don’t have to believe people who are insecure themselves and are trapped in the dogma of society and their copy cat dance they beat their drums to.  It doesn’t become you to shrink back.  Stand tall and believe in your innate gifts.  Claim your birthright to love, joy , peace, well being and passionate self expression.