Finding meaning and significance in life is the key to fully inhabiting it with joy and creative self expression.

When you were little, I’ll bet you didn’t say you wanted to grow up and have a miserable boring life.  In fact, with all your enthusiasm and excitement about discovering new things, you may have had many dreams, that you could do whatever you wanted with your life.   I remember wanting to be a nurse, then a counsellor for abused children, a doctor, a scientist, a business owner, a mom and just a little girl.  I wasn’t any different than my siblings.  I expected to fully inhabit my life with happiness and that included every aspect that entailed.

As I grew up, I learned that happiness was fleeting and fickled.  It depended on what was happening in the moment and tended to be short and long lived, depending on circumstances.

In my late 20s I discovered happiness was like shiny baubles that lost its lustre because it was surface.  What slowly unveiled was a yearning for purpose and to know more about who I was.  I wanted my days to contain more value.  I wanted some sort of significance by the time I was 30 years old.  I was no longer happy to just be content to monkey around with a life that meant nothing to me and provided less satisfaction than I wanted.  I wanted more and knew there was something more out there for me.  So I went to University and a technical school, then business. 

As a teenager , I knew I was different and wanted unique experiences.  It seemed what others had was too boring for me to want.  While other teens were in circles of copy cats, I was an independent person with a can-do attitude.  What I am saying is that what I wanted back then, was to fully inhabit my life with joy in its entirety.  

In my 40s I thought about what gave my life significance and meaning.  By then, I knew my values and beliefs.  I secretly wanted to be a coach and author and inspirational speaker.  I made a career change from science to being a business woman and mentor to tweens, parents with sick or special needs kids and babies.  I had my first taste as an entrepreneur and I loved it.

It wasn’t until my 50s that I figured myself out and what inhabiting my life looked like.  I realized that to fully inhabit a life, I’d have to enjoy it and have a deeper significance, meaning and substance to it.  That included every component of life including my secular work.

  I preferred at 50 to live intentionally and enjoy each moment. Today, I strive to live congruent with my values and beliefs and that is the definition of integrity.   As I mentioned before, inhabiting life means in its entirety.  That means every minute in the day would be in-keeping with my intention to experience joy, and meaning in life.  So it only makes sense that I enjoy myself in business. 

 I chose a business that brings meaning and significance to my life.  I enjoy working with people to help them learn how they learn, so they can meet any challenges.  If I am to fully inhabit my life, that means I would enjoy it all the time, which also means I need to have fun with whatever I do in life and business.

So that is why business needs to be an outlet of creative expression for me. 

I need to have this life/business equilibrium in order to feel serenity as a base of inner solitude, so that I can creatively express myself with confidence and conviction in all I do.

The truth is though, is that it’s impossible to separate life from business.  That’s because life hinges on what I think, and since the business is what occurs between my ears – I can’t operate a business effectively if I am confused and foggy brained.

So it is necessary to get my mindset straight and figure out my patterns and mental habits that have been roadblocks to me going after what I want.  This is necessary if I want to pursue my greater potential in life and business. Knowing what drives me helps me do the right thing at the right time for the right reasons, because knowing that keeps me from sabotaging myself by chasing squirrels that bring no substance to my life.  I know my true North and I focus my attentions on my intentions, to pursue what brings significance and meaning to my life.

This concept is true for all people in business.  Your mind behaves the same regardless what you are doing.  Every value and belief, moral, ethic and principle that encompasses your mindset – determines your decisions and actions that you take.  You can tap into your mindset to determine what is relevant in the context of experiencing what you want and your definition of a great life.  Discover your magnificent obsession and then go chase your curiosities, doing whatever brings you joy in your life.  With joy there is happiness.  Seek Joy!