Covid-19 Is Forcing Us to Adapt

Change is hard. Forced change makes us either bitter or better.

I understand how condescending and cliche “bitter or better” sounds. That does not change the truth that life as we’ve known it has changed. We stand at a the chasm of choice.

We either choose to regress and fall back upon unconscious patterns and habits or choose to set our emotional attachments aside and figure out how to become “better”.

It is simple to become better, we choose it. We choose to adopt a different outlook. When we choose to embrace a belief that during times of great upheaval a variety of new possibilities, probabilities and opportunities appear. We can access this powerful posture when we refuse to be defined by this pandemic.

The patterns and habits to which we’ve become accustomed can no longer be relied upon. The sooner we adapt to this reality the better off we will be.

If we choose to embrace this point of view, we must develop new skills and abilities. We will need to learn how to set our comfortable habits and emotional attachments aside.

The secret to coping with change lies in our ability to rapidly move forward. To cast our comfortable attachments, habits and patterns aside. We choose to become a student again. To allow life itself to be our guide, mentor and teacher. When we do this we eclipse our limitations and old unconscious patterns. We can then begin to experiment and flirt with new ideas and concepts. This is when we begin to figure out how to predict, adapt and respond to this upside down year.

One of the greatest challenges during periods of great change, is that no matter our present circumstances, there are possibilities and opportunities beyond what our current knowledge, data and perceptions can perceive. In order to create a breakthrough during these times of great upheaval requires imagination, courage and determination.

A willingness to cast aside old assumptions and be willing to tackle a new personal imperative, reinvention.

To leave no room for old unexamined attitudes, beliefs, values and ideals. To adopt a new approach of illumination and transformation. No more waiting around for things to get back to “normal”. Instead, you decide that you are the master of your own ship and you are going to embark on a new adventure of personal transformation.

It will not happen instantly but will slowly unfold as you gradually and consistently confront your existing beliefs, values, ethics and morals. Then rebuild your identity from the inside out.

If you’d like to accelerate through this current learning curve, reach out and let’s explore what you might be able to achieve when you embrace the inherent opportunities during the pandemic. You might surprise yourself to transform your undeveloped strengths and discover what you are capable of achieving.

This could be a time of unprecedented opportunity to inhabit your life. You can choose to allow yourself to renew and tap into your childlike curiosity. Curiosity without an agenda other than genuine curiosity witnessing what you might learn, experience and uncover in yourself.

My name is Greg Dickson and with my wife and business partner, Amethyst Dickson, we operate the Life Origami Corporation. We can be reached on the telephone at 1-403-307-8281, on Twitter @LifeOrigami or email us at