4 Week Coaching Package

Are Ready To Uncover The Mental Habits That Prevent You From Tapping Into The Wisdom Of Your Life?

If so, you and are just one decision away from embarking on a unique, life defining adventure.

This is the four (4) week coaching companion program to The Lost Guru Ebook. It includes 3 X 1 hour coaching sessions and a 2 hour Emotional Release session.

4 Week Training Enhanced Coaching Opportunity

What You Will Learn

  • How to identify your dream killers, know the patterns, habits and mindsets which drain your energy.
  • Learn that you have a hidden treasure of wisdom that you can tap into from your own life.
  • Know that at any time, you have the power of choice to access the support and insights of your Active Witness (a.k.a. Lost Guru). 
  • Understand what has been blocking you from tapping into your Lost Guru.  
  • You will learn what stops you and/or how you take yourself out of the game.
  • You will understand the components that make for a healthy drive.
  • Know the elements which contribute to experiencing flow and congruent self connection.
  • Have a basic understanding of what it takes to retrain your brain to serve and not hinder you.
  • Learn how it is possible to influence your mind to serve your highest and best interests.  Instead, you will stop being enslaved to subconscious habitual habits.

4 Week Program Outline

Week 1: Read chapter 1 of The Lost Guru Book, watch “what you need to know about The Lost Guru” video, followed by your 1st coaching session with Amethyst and Greg Dickson to help you “Tap into the Inherent Wisdom” of your life (1 hour).

Week 2: Read chapter 2 of The Lost Guru book, watch Habits, Patterns & Obstacles video, 2nd coaching session to identify the “Habits, Patterns & Obstacles” preventing you from experiencing your greatness (1 hour).

Week 3: Experience the Life Origami, Emotional Release Technique, guided meditation and emotional release session.  The Emotional release technique is a guided imagery process that supports you to fully release the old patterns, habits, and stories you may be clinging to.  It is a process that will clear the decks of past traumas, pain and anxiety once and for all. You will be surprised how you feel afterward and how effortless it is for you to move forward in life. (2 hours)

Week 4: Your final coaching call is a Q&A session to help you integrate what you have learned. The goal of this session is to help you identify the roadblocks and obstacles you discovered in your previous sessions and self study. We will support you to prioritize your next steps and discuss how you can begin to build a relationship with your Lost Guru.

What You Get

This four (4) week Training Enhanced Coaching program is just $500 and includes:

  • 3 one hour, 2-on-1 coaching calls with Greg and Amethyst
  • The 2 hour Life Origami Emotional Release Session
  • Video and Audio Trainings
  • Self Assessment Questionnaire
  • The Lost Guru ebook: This book will help you to uncover the mental habits that prevent you from tapping into the wisdom of your life. 
  • Q&A email access to Greg and Amethyst

The past is gone, your only point of power is now…

Consider this, how would the quality of your life change if you knew you had the support, mentoring, training and tools to help you to Fully Inhabit Your Life? You owe it to yourself to learn more…

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