Training Enhanced Coaching

Life Origami is a Training Enhanced Coaching (TEC) method that provides you with the principles, philosophy, mindset and tools to create change in your life. 

Creating Structured Learning Journeys

We create structured learning journeys which create movement and momentum in your life, career or business.  

  • Mindset & Skill Sets
  • Wheel Of Equilibrium
  • Implementation & Integration

Our Life & Business Programs

Authentic, Down To Earth, Real Tools, Solutions & Self Guided Plans To Landing Your Life and Getting Real

Conversational Leadership

Learn the art of conversational leadership to effortlessly solve problems, gain cooperation and support. Engage anyone in heartfelt, meaningful conversation.

The Practice Of Life Origami

A 13 month program made up of four phases, where you will uncover the best way you learn.  It teaches a self-rewarding technique to create the life YOU uniquely wish to experience with the actual tools to make it happen.

What You Can Expect

  • Live with passion and integrity
  • Do what matters, drop hindrances
  • Make better use of time
  • No more spinning wheels
  • Increase confidence and clarity
  • Action plan and Skill Kit
  • From Scared Surviving To Sacred Thriving

It only takes one idea to change your life!

Your dream and potential does not have an expiration date. 

The purpose of a business is not to make a profit. It is to serve and meet our customers needs.

When obstacles arise, you change your direction to reach your vision. You do not change your decision to get there.