What is Life Origami?

What is Origami?

Origami is the Japanese art of bending, folding and molding paper into decorative shapes and figures such as a lotus flower, birds, airplanes or animals. A humble piece of paper is transformed into a beautiful work of art.

What is Life Origami?

You can bend, fold and shape life to your will, whims and wishes.

Life is like a blank piece of paper which is an open canvas of potential. A piece of paper can be used for many purposes. You can write a poem, write a song, write a business plan, sketch a picture, doodle, print a photo, do scrapbooking, or with origami create a lotus flower. A piece of paper is a blank canvas which has unending potential — depending how you choose to use it — the same is true for yourlife.

Your heart is like a piece of paper. In your lifetime an untold number of messages have been written upon the “heart” of your life. This continues throughout your life and accumulates as a storehouse of YOU-How — your very own personal treasure trove of experiences, insights and life lessons. To the degree you are able to tap into this storehouse of very personal life wisdom, you will be able to bend, fold and shape life to your will, whims and wishes.

The purpose of the Life Origami Corporation’s is to connect you with your full potential. That is not a cliché’ statement. You deserve to experience the impact of realizi ng your full potential. We believe you deserve to intentionally and actively tap into the fullness of your inherent capacity for coming into being. Give yourself permission to explore the vastness of what it means to fully inhabit your life.  Truly live your life 100% without reservation, like the song says “I did it my way.” There it is, the challenge and the opportunity — to REALLY be YOU.

The Power and Significance of The Lotus Flower

The lotus flower is one of the most ancient and deepest natural symbols of perseverance in nature. Consider this, the lotus flower grows in muddy water and rises above the surfaceto bloom with remarkable beauty, seemingly untouched by the impurity of muddy water. It’sroots are firmly embedded and it sends out long stems with leaves attached.  Despite its circumstances the lotus finds a way to blossom and display its inherent beauty.  The flower blooms in the morning with a sweet fragrance and by the afternoon the flowers petals fall.

For Life Origami, this characteristic of the lotus flower is a reminder of the frailty, beauty and impermanence of life. To Amee and I, the lotus flower is a gentle, beautiful and elegant reminder that we can flourish despite adversity or feeling trapped in the muddy waters of life.

From a Buddhist perspective the lotus is symbolic of purity of the body, speech, and mind as while rooted in the mud, its flowers blossom on long stalks as if floating above the muddy waters of attachment and desire. It is also symbolic of detachment as drops of water easily slide off its petals.

Rise above circumstances like the Lotus and embrace purity, wisdom and self love. Observe the sacredness of each moment, savour the gentle unfolding of the flower of your life. Regardless of your circumstances you can put down roots, even in the messy middle of life’s challenges and begin to fully inhabit your life.

Spiritual Meaning Of The Lotus Flower

The Lotus flower denotes spirituality and faith, your spirituality is a combination of insights, personal life experience and the wisdom gained from your YOUnique life journey. We believe that every life journey could use a touch of F.A.I.T.H. At Life Origami our sense of spirituality has nothing to do with religion. We see spirituality through the lens of your higher self. That silent companion, that part of you that has accompanied you from the moment of your birth. It is that One who accompanied you in the womb and travels with you in every moment. In our frame of reference F.A.I.T.H. manifests as:

  • F=Fearless, approach to life. When you believe in yourself and know you will be able to help yourself when challenges are forth coming.
  • A=Ambition, in your dealings with life. You believe your ambitions can be fulfilled, so you are ambitious for yourself and those you share your life with.
  • I=Incentive, in all you do in life. With an unquenchable urge to pursue the life you dream of, you believe you will do so.  So then, there is a determined drive that develops to support you to make it happen.
  • T=Tranquility, in the way you look at life. You can then believe in the power within yourself, which guides, nurtures and stands at the door of your heart with inner peace and a calm mind.
  • H=Hope, in all you want in life. With an unbound belief in yourself and your personal efficacy, confidence blooms and so too an embedded certainty of success.

We assign no religious meaning to this definition of faith. We have observed it as a powerful pattern of personal accountability and self-reliance within ourselves and our clients.  This is an early indicator that our clients are on a path towards fully inhabiting their lives.

 Inhabit The Fullness Of Every Life Experience

Fully inhabiting means fully embracing the darkness, murkiness, joy and light of life — it is all instructive and an opportunity to allow our Inner Guru to rise into our conscious awareness. Gradually, your Inner Guru becomes the predominant voice we begin to hear and follow. The inner critic is always lurking but when you begin to get to know your Inner Guru, you transcend the pettiness of the inner critic. Life becomes lighter.

Discovering The Fullness That Is You

There is a common belief system amongst humans that we each feel deep down in some aspect or another that “We are somehow not Enough” or that we “Are Wreaked because of some situation or experience.  Like Amee says “You are not broken.” and you deserve ever single ounce of goodness that life has to offer. There is a catch. You and I have to go out there and give ourselves a chance.

What can you do to give yourself a chance?

To unashamedly show up as you, for you. No excuses, apologies or justification required. because you are simply being YOU.

To give yourself permission to show up without reservation, conditions or need for approval.

Let the following statement sink in before you decide we are full of horse manure…

Until you begin to embrace the fullness that is YOU — with all your faults, skills and gifts — you will continue to chase other peoples approval.

We have been conditioned to chase and seek approval. It begins with our parents, family, friends, school and in the workplace. We begin to chase something we call “Performance Based Acceptance” and we become so well conditioned that we often don’t even realize that we are chasing approval.

We might even justify it to ourselves thinking we are “just trying to get along with others” or we are “just being nice”. Here is the rub, when we begin to chase approval without consciously choosing to seek it — we are on auto-pilot, unconscious programming. Do this often enough and someday you may wake up thinking — how did I end up here?

The unconscious auto-pilot that is how you ended up here.

Fret not, you are normal.

Everyone does it. It is how your brain is structured. It has a name — Reticular Activating System (RAS).

Your RAS is the structure in your brain that allows you to master repetitive tasks. Like driving a car at 60 MPH towards another vehicle moving in the opposite direction — without freaking out. Your RAS is a pattern recognition machine that recognizes familiar situations and knows what to do. If not, it triggers your attention — awakening you to danger or evasive action.

Your RAS protects you and allows you to grow and master difficult and important tasks. It operates so effectively that it can also inhibit your ability to change ineffective patterns of behaviour.

YOU-How YOUniversity teaches you how to trigger your RAS to your advantage and work for you.

Why are we passionate about Life Origami?

We love sharing how these mindsets, skill kit, distinctions, life lessons we’ve extracted. We have seen how our clients continue to amaze us as they unlock their heart and minds. All it takes is to be willing to become a student again — willing to enrol in the YOUniversity of You-How. If you are ready to get on with tapping into the fullness that is YOU, we want to hear from you and excited to speak with you.Keep reading or reach out and lets talk. Our vision is to serve people who are thinkers and love to tinkerer with new ideas, are willing to learn and willing to change.  You will love Life Origami.